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Well, missed a day. Whoops? Building on day 5's entry, here's more on the Ilyari.
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So last year [ profile] haikujaguar challenged me to "come up with a set of ORIGINAL characters who also are an adventuring party". The result is long, with many more parts that are somewhat clear in my head but I haven't tried to flesh out here (if nothing else, I can get at least 1 more entry out of details ;) ). Hidden behind a cut! )
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A segment from the Betrayal story from so long ago. Based upon Mel's request for more.

I have no idea if this scene is canon. I know the general flow of the story that I want, but then I get to this scene, and for various reasons that I will happily discuss in the comments if anyone cares, I don't know if it should go down this way. THIS is my blocking item.

Context free, since I'm having enough trouble with the bastard as it is. (edited to add: also please note this is the first pass - I'm rereading for typos and already finding word selection and whatnot I want to change. This month isn't about high quality writing, sorry. :-/)

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Good gods, brain, stop coughing up little fragments of ideas like hairballs that just sit and LOOK at me without any frikkin' clue where they go or what the hell this is all about. *mutter grumble stupid earworm ideas that steal FAR too much from other things*

Base: obviously the earth king whatsisface and the evil vizar archtype guy, with a world savior who is NOT the avatar, dammit. It was almost dreaming, ok? (translation after the fact to english: my brain took too much Avatar, season 2, which I have never seen, spiced it with a nice chunk of Bastion [for the xbox 360], and then demanded I write it)

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I can't recall the last time I sat down and wrote almost 5 pages in a day. That's the unformatted version, with no paragraph spaces and the like. [ profile] lynati_1, [ profile] haikujaguar, y'all are bad influences on me. -_-

So! There's not quite fic, but there's about 5 pages worth of Mass O' Writing, over use of dialogue and not nearly enough action, and I'm calling it a day. I'm not going to try to cram the last of this in so as to post on wow_fanart this week. This is still the unfinished, unpolished, haven't-gone-through-and-edited seriously-to-make-sure-it-works-rather-than-being-stuck-together-with-bubblegum-and-baling-wire version, though hopefully the final won't be too different. Oh, also, warnings for abuse of lore, which I suspect has very little to do with whatall I'm writing.

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Holy carp, I just had a character hijack my brain.

Ok, so I've had several folks try to do that lately, but Simon made it work. So, that Shadowrun fic I've been working on? I've a new piece of it. This segment follows immediately after Anger, Vengeance, and Favors - as in one should flow right into the next.

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It's Friday, so heaven help me I'm posting something that's been kicking around on my computer for awhile. I know how the story goes, for the most part, so it's agonizingly slow to get on the page, and none of it reads right to me. It sounds so damn stilted and off. I also cannot for the life of me figure out what to call the damn thing. Based upon characters I play with [ profile] lynati and [ profile] quindarprime, though they get passing mention at best.

WoW fic without title, no warnings save perhaps language )
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It.... just won't stop nibbling my ankles.... O_o Totally off the cuff, fragments of scenes that pester me at odd and non-useful times, and I make no promises of coherency. Relevant link.

NSFW bit: A 'close' familial relationship )

Surprising the boss (somewhat more SFW, but maybe not there) )

Anger, Vengeance, and Favors )

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