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So life has been a little crazy since November, which is the last substantial update. Here's the long version. )
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Home from skiing, or more accurately, being in BC, Canada while others skied since I was angry and stupid and punched a wall and thus broke my hand pre-trip.

Haven't stopped running since mid-Novermber, and while lovely times have been had, I need a vacation.

...or.... something....


Apr. 4th, 2011 01:14 am
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This makes Friday's post somehow more painful, and more poignant.
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I've spent more of my life after cancer than before. O_o Rock! ::shares around cookies::

er, no, it's not a prank
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On the one hand, the cost of being female and how things have worked makes me want to cry. On the other, the fact that this is changing is good.

Having cancer at 14 makes health insurance at 27 next to impossible unless one is in a group plan, just for the staggering cost involved.

I think instead of crying I'm going to go beat up plants in the back yard. Or clean the grill, which is almost the same, just involving less organic-y bits.
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Well. Now one of my dad's sisters has pancreatic cancer.


On the plus side, an old friend found me on Facebook, so there's at least some sunshine, right?

::hides under desk anyway::
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I drove the car today. :D


May. 12th, 2009 03:19 pm
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I wore 2 sneakers to work today; no boot!

Not only does this make me ridiculously pleased and amused, the fact that so many customers were equally giggly and willing to congratulate me is very, very amusing.

Honestly, it feels like it's time to keep wearing the shoes; I can feel the difference in my ankle as is. Muscles loosened up nicely over the day; I think keeping the brace type structure was starting to limit recovery. Time to push limits and muscles (again).

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So I realized I haven't had an update, though life has updated. So... yeah. Here we go )
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2 to 3 more weeks of this. Removing the foot from elevated above the heart will lead to pain, and then swelling. In 2 weeks, a shit load of stitches come out. They removed some of the dressing today so I actually for the first time SEE the stitches, which leads to a combo of wanting to puke and/or panicked whimpering (yay, PTSD and cancer fun lingering Issues). I still have to change the gauze dressing on that daily, meaning yes, I will in fact have to look at it. In the meantime, I can't go back to work yet, 'cause even I can't see how I can run a register with my feet up - literally. Just... fuck. I'm going back to bed.

well FUCK.

Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:46 pm
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Just a quick life update.

So..... ice is dangerous. Ice is slippery.

Ice can lead to a Norcumi with a broken leg.

It really. Really. Fucking. Sucks. Spent much of yesterday in the emergency room after falling on the ice in an attempt to catch the bus - would have been successful, but instead my feet went one way, I went another, there was an ungodly snap, and then I was swearing a lot. Right lower leg is in a split and needs to remain elevated - meaning I'm on my back and in pain not so much from the leg I can't move much as from my headache (prolly due to the vicodine?) and the backache from being in 1 position all. fucking. day. long. At least (said seriously, not sarcastic) Quindar is at work for most of the day, so when I finally need to migrate upstairs to use the bathroom I can scream, whimper, and curse without feeling guilty about it.

Doc appointment tomorrow to learn when I can get surgery and pins put in so hopefully not so much with the annoying painful wait-for-the-swelling-to-go-down splint. The swelling is obviously going down, because when I move around now, there's vastly painful movement from within the splint.

At least The Valkyria Chronicles are turning out to be a good purchase.


Sep. 10th, 2008 06:47 pm
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So... life update... and... thing.

My pneumonia goes well - I'm still coughing and sounding like I chain-smoke at least 3 packs a day, but it's clearly on the upswing. Thank. Gods.

Back to playing way too much WoW - one of the good things (?) to come from a week off from work is lots of time to grind, so Pru and JC both hit 40 (whooo!). Pru is my current addiction, 'cause that leads to me exercising my inner klepto ("ok, so I have Badlands critters to kill, and - oh hey! Uldaman dwarves.... I'll just pick the pockets of the guys out front...." leading to "... so.... is there an instance here, or just this maze, and how do I get out?" an hour later -_-;; The sad thing is, this has happened more than once).

Gonna try something different for Fridays: I shall point you here and let you come to your own conclusions.

And finally, today for reasons not worth going into, I found myself sitting on the West Wing side of Maggie Mo (on the grassy incline near the pine trees?) for about an hour around 4:30ish, and I got to spend much of that time watching a bunny eating. Considering the amount of bunny droppings I actually almost sat in, I think you might find him there more often if you look.

Thus: eeeeeeeeee!!!!!
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Well, I just got The Call from the medical folks. (I went to MedExpress yesterday finally)

The goods news? It's not a relapse of mono like I thought. This is kick ass, because that takes months to get over, and it sucked a hell of a lot last time.

The fun news? I can has pneumonia! -_-;;

I just said "I can has". Blast.

So, shorter recovery time (yay) plus some antibiotics and encouragement to keep coughing like I've got a new thing for hairballs. Fun times.


Aug. 16th, 2008 08:15 pm
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So..... think I've got a relapse of something. Not going into what, other'n saying IT'S NOT CANCER. Or, if it is, that's gonna take me by surprise just as much as you. I just don't want to go into details, 'cause it's stupid emo angst and doesn't change anything. And this is a public post, and my boss doesn't need the details until I have more info from MedExpress hopefully sometime in the near future.

Just letting ppl know I'm gonna be passing on Friday ficathon thingy and prolly a lot of WoW, to boot. If I have spare time, I want to use it to recoup from being ill. sorry. :( feel free to poke via e-mial or lj messages.


Jan. 1st, 2005 07:03 pm
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::flails:: Ok, so, I have mood altering substances/brain altering chemicals I need to take regularly. I also need to take them with almost religious regularity, and with enough food that I don't have stomach issues from the whole mess.

I can't find anything decent to settle on as a regular "aw hell, it's that time again, and I just want to eat enough to take care of this" staple. I've done Easy Mac and Oatmeal for starters, but let's face it: that's still not much food. And the zillion multiple packs approach doesn't work so well when I don't have the patience, not to mention the "gaaah. it's just MORE of this stuff?" factor.

So.... I think this isn't a calorie thing, so much as a having enough stuff in my stomach to absorb the meds. Does anyone have any reccomendations on what to eat?

Apologies for the randomness. Real updates later. And, you know, replies to everyone. -_-;;; Sorry for continuing to be an idiot.

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