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So. Finally. Back home.

Phew. The holiday - and moreover, the post holidays were brutal. Getting sick over Christmas, then a week in Philly where one of our lovely hosts had a concussion, not quite 2 weeks home, then off to Himself's family where there was (expected and planned for) open heart surgery (...not for me, since I can't tell how ambiguous that sounded), and then not so expected and planned for flu.

For the first time in my life, I was the one in the house who was Not Sick.

Dang, yo.

No wonder I want a vacation.

In the mean time, WoW continues to be my preferred method to deal with insanity and depression. My plushie fish is awesome and thanks to our concussed host, he is now also Even More Dapper with a top hat and cuffs ( some point there will be pictures).

And my latest music-to-be-played incessantly: Imagine Dragons Radioactive

No, this is not the official video - I don't like that one. (and the fish is not allowed to watch it - lord knows what ideas he'd get*).

*Look, some folks have kids, some have cats, I've a fish. So there.
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Still surprised at how many contradictory ways this talks to me.
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In case there's anyone on my friend's list who hasn't seen this, well, here you go.

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Also, since this is my current "listen to on loop" working music, thought I'd share.

Er, spoilers for Harry Potter. HUUUUUGE ones. Prolly obvious, but just sayin'.
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The Neighborhood.


Jun. 23rd, 2011 03:45 pm
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Sometimes, when I have music stuck in my head, I find it helps to share.


Apr. 22nd, 2011 05:17 pm
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So not a real update, since I'm still dealing with real life stuff, but in the meantime, a quick thing. I was looking for a youtube version of an AMV I adore, and thank goodness I have on CD somewhere, of Styx's "Not Dead Yet" to multiple anime series, including 3x3 Eyes, which someone reminded me recently that I absolutely adore. (, run on sentence)

Couldn't find it. I miiiiiight have, but apparently Bandai does not allow it to be viewed in this country.

.....riiiight. Ohkay. So it redirected me instead to this thing, possibly by the same creator/poster or something, and it's not music I know, and it's to Akira, of all things....

And pretty cool, too. Mind, I don't recall much of Akira, other than there were motorcycles and grody bits (big fat warning for the amv - it HAS those grody bits in there), but what I do vaguely recall, it seems to fit. So. A link for y'all.


Mar. 9th, 2011 03:57 pm
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Grenade by Bruno Mars

What. The. HELL?! is this shit?!?!?!

So help me, if I hadn't heard it on the radio, I wouldn't believe it was a real frikkin' song.

What is WRONG with people that this is pop culture?

Head. Desk.
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Take a druid boomkin. Add Lunar Festival. Add the touring rocket. Add Katy Perry's song Firework*. Take much footage. End with a /oom.

*note: linked due to having the song there. I've only watched enough of the video to confirm it's the music I've heard on the radio and to be very greatly disturbed

Damn radio

Nov. 30th, 2009 06:36 am
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Not what you think.

Daughtry, 'No Surprise' )


Nov. 13th, 2009 05:32 pm
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So... yeah. Life is... well, life )
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Jordin Sparks pisses me off. Woman has a beautiful voice, and ok, she's pretty to boot, but dammit, her songs are fairly nonsensical and highly repetitive without actual content, and why the hells does she think music videos which consist of her alternatively sitting looking at the camera or moving away from it in various dresses are interesting in the least??? ::snorts:: I love the sound of Battlefield (no link, 'cause I don't want to support her), and it could be made into some fun AMVs (Gundam Wing and Ronin Warriors in particular), BUT - ::sighs:: Soooo not nearly enough content. Meh. Waste of some decent talent there.

Ok, rant over. Back to writing.
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Halo, by Beyonce - EVERY time I hear this on the radio, I start thinkin' about how great this would be for a video with... well... the obvious. Master Chief and Cortana, though I'd settle for something with Guilty Spark - and I don't dare google too far for it, because I don't want spoilers for Halo 3, since I haven't seen how that ends.

And while I'm at it, does anyone know if there's a decent AMV of Boulevard of Broken Dreams to Kingdom Hearts and/or Bleach? This was a nice one to WoW, but it seems they had to take the sound off of it. Ah well.

...... actually, now that I've had a few minutes to think on it, if Green Day is flippin' out over a WoW video, there's prolly not others with that as music to it. Blast.

(not to mention I've only watched a few seconds of the actual Boulevard vid, and.... well... kinda sucks? Must check these all later to watch in whole.)
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but it does weird things to me.

The radio is playing Black Magic Woman by Santana.

I dislike both the band and the song, but I play Guitar Hero 3.

So I've got the crazy visuals of the desert venue and the trippy streams of color flowing out over an audience, while sitting in a nice sunny atrium.

Also - any time Hit Me With Your Best Shot comes on the radio, I no longer even need to hear more than a few beats to recognize it (and start wondering where the chick with the blonde dreds is).

Not quite as bad as closing my eyes and seeing a shot of the greek stage of Sonic Unleased, with a moon medal to the right in a scene that prolly doesn't really exist, but still.

yay xbox?

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