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So I've been on a new anti-depressant for about a week, and I tentatively think it's working. At the very least, I'm not having the gods awful side effects of the last little experiment.

In the last week we've been fighting the temperature in the bedroom (it usually ending up too warm), and last night I had one of those kind of dreams, kind of brain-why-are-you-giving-me-new-story-worlds?! things. Not sure if it was the heat, the meds, or something else, but this morning I ended up writing down notes because there was some fascinating stuff. Admittedly, the fact that my brain couldn't decide if it was a high fantasy kind of story or modern-but-in-a-castle was the most annoying part. I figure what the hey, I'll toss those notes up here to see if it sparks any interest (or if my brain is cribbing some somewhere), so feel free to ask questions or poke holes in what little overarching plot I seem to be nibbling at. Ah, these might be incoherent, mind.

Warning: SPOILERS, language, and trigger warning for offscreen torture

Straight from my .doc )
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So, I'm here at Mother Mayo getting Christmas checkups - because what kind of a Christmas is it if you're not running around like a lunatic getting medical stuff poked at?

Today in particular I'm getting a neuro-psych evaluation. "What's that?" you ask? The WAIS III, according to my tester's nice little handbook.

"No really, what's that?" you may still ask. Well, a test to see if I've got a learning disability. Both me and my therapist think I've got a few things put together screwy in regards to this, so we'll see. It's been a fun (frustrating) mess of retention and pattern matching, but the kicker to me was the word definition.

Damned if I didn't get asked to define "epic".


Yeah, I only muttered "purple" to myself, and after finishing my actual definition, but still. Damn you, Warcrack!!!!

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