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Dec. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
norcumi: (daemon!)
So it's occurred to me that a list of the tumblr fic I've written would be useful.

...I suspect this might be a touch quixotic. We shall see.

...and after finding out I do not in fact know how to use this platform, we're going with a placeholder that shall be slowly updated. Yay for competence! :D

Good Morning -- Anakin. Padme. Morning on Naboo. Fluff without plot. (Quasi-canon verse)

Saving Face -- Plo Koon had a simple, easy diplomatic mission to make. It was to his species’ homeworld, so Wolffe was content to let his General go with just one clone escort. What could go wrong? (canon compliant)

3 times Plo Koon almost lost his mask, and 1 time that he did -- Like it says on the tin. Character insights and fluff with a touch of angst and at least a little bit of a lightsaber fight, because hey, Jedi. References events in Saving Face, which may or may not be needed to understand. (canon compliant)

Sheev -- Flamethrower requested "I just want to read a fanfic where the heroes discover that Palpatine’s first name is Sheev, and they’re too busy laughing about it to really be overly concerned about the spitting, indignant Sith who really wanted that secret to remain buried." (random crackverse)

Eldritch Plo thing -- Imagine the Wolfpack as a group of six identical brothers, who move with their harried father and snarky mom to an old house out in the country when they’re maybe five or six years old. There’s a nearby house that’s like, completely run-down and just about falling apart. They hear local stories about the monster/ghost/whatever that lives there, so of course they end up daring each other to spend the night there. (modern AU)

to be edited when I am not distracted by shiny:
Break Fic -- master list, ought to do individual entries
The Frying Pan Thing --

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