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So I'm not sure who to blame for this. Probably my own deranged imagination, to be honest. So! Once upon a time, there was guild fic, called Diplomacy. Then [ profile] mel_redcap went and wrote a sequel: Melevil and Caleanon Play With Allies.

I kinda had to follow that up, you see. And thus we have The Problem with Drinking to Forget )
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So, I've been giggly over the little bit of guild zaniness which I call Diplomacy, in which Mel gives the rest of the guild fits, but lord knows what the Horde patrol thinks.

Well, [ profile] mel_redcap had an idea of what at least some Horde members thought, and she wrote up a truly delightful/awe-inspiring/giggle-ful piece as a response to it, and the shenanigans that follow (Sozur in particular is awesome in it)! It is beyond fantastic! Please click the link I'll post again, because her writing rocks.

Also, if you've any interest in Gundam Wing, she and her crazed (in the best possible way) writing partner Christy have some lovely stuff here, and that includes an honest-to-gods-yes-it-somehow-works-and-is-AWESOME crossover with David Weber's Norfressa/Oath of Swords series. Lyn, if that doesn't tickle your interest by/after Easter, I will be resending that link.....
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I can't recall the last time I sat down and wrote almost 5 pages in a day. That's the unformatted version, with no paragraph spaces and the like. [ profile] lynati_1, [ profile] haikujaguar, y'all are bad influences on me. -_-

So! There's not quite fic, but there's about 5 pages worth of Mass O' Writing, over use of dialogue and not nearly enough action, and I'm calling it a day. I'm not going to try to cram the last of this in so as to post on wow_fanart this week. This is still the unfinished, unpolished, haven't-gone-through-and-edited seriously-to-make-sure-it-works-rather-than-being-stuck-together-with-bubblegum-and-baling-wire version, though hopefully the final won't be too different. Oh, also, warnings for abuse of lore, which I suspect has very little to do with whatall I'm writing.

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