Jul. 6th, 2014 10:17 pm
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I have survived CONvergence. I got a fairly potent case of concrud, leading to a fun fever through closing ceremonies and a cough that just won't quit.


Worth it, though. Totally. Worth it.
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Spread the word: The Gathering is back.

Just... different.

CONvergence is having a theme of Midsummer's Night Dream next year, around July 4th, and they are specifically having a mini-con-part-of-the-larger-con dedicated to Gargoyles.

Registration is cheaper before Jan. 1.


Twin Cities are lovely that time of year.

edit: My fandom is 20 next year. Sweet gods and little green apples. o_o
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So this weekend, Quindar and I went to Ohio LinuxFest. It was more for him than me, since I really don't even quite know enough Linux stuff to do more than get myself into a lot of trouble. There was one panel I really did want to go to: Level-up with Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Turn Your Life Into a Data-driven Video Game with FOSS. It sounded interesting.

Cut for length and ranting about Gargoyles and past conventions )
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I'm looking for volunteers to help out the "con virgins"!

Don't mind answering questions? Like giving a helping hand? Want a spiffy button to show off?

Then please reply to this post or e-mail me, and at the convention you too can help a con virgin!

Details! )

Con Report

Aug. 25th, 2004 08:55 pm
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This took way too long to write.

However, fun and insanity from the Gathering of the Gargoyles.

cut )

Great con. For those interested, pictures can be found HERE- pictures taken by [livejournal.com profile] quindarprime, because my camera decided to die on me literally the day before the con.

My favorite picture of the lot: Just hanging around

Here's to Vegas, and the DVD!
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I'be been bugged by this waking dream for awhile. I am obsessed with Gargoyles. I know it. But you see, what I keep thinking rather wistfully about is the possibility of having the Gathering here in Pittsburgh. Of running the damn thing.

I've read the stuff put out by former con staff (Lynati's is here, and Aaron's is here). I am very well aware that it's a hell of a lot of work. It requires mondo care and attention and it lasts for at least a year.

And that's the problem. When I think on it, I realize I don't have the time, effort, or energy to do it. I'm not in touch enough with the fandom to figure out what sort of panels would be appropriate or guests would really bring in people (aside from the obvious, and the obvious is damned expensive). I certainly don't have the charisma or force of personality that would be needed to kick start a staff, and I'm too controlling to likely step back and not take charge of things, which I'd most likely fluff. And all of that ignores the whole reality of I don't have enough time to do much of anything in my normal life, and while school is gone, a job will be replacing that.

And yet....

I believe there's a nice hotel downtown about two, maybe three blocks from the bus and train station, and there's a major airport hub a half hour away. No idea how bad it is to get to downtown from there, though. I have a small mental list of local stores that might like to be vendors - everything from the game store up the street to the anime place around the corner.

I love this city. I can never quite get over the thrill of coming out of the Fort Pitt tunnel and seeing downtown. The crazy little suburbs that actually make up the whole city, and aren't just the outskirts. And I quietly giggle to myself that this would be a perfect home for gargoyles. Back before the cleanup there'd be busy factories and lots of clouds and smog to hide in. This was a hub back in the day, and it ain't doing so bad right now, for that matter.

And I keep thinking how a clan would love it here. Every time I ride the Incline I think of how a garg could hitch a ride up to get out over the rivers. They'd play around the top of the fountain at the Point, roost near PPG or maybe the Cathedral... only to scare the night classes of college students. The bus system is more than good enough to get anyone anywhere fairly quickly and easily, and part of me is amused at putting "catch the 61C ACROSS from the McDonalds around the corner to get to the Cathedral, Carnegie museum, etc." into con packets. Whole reams of bus directions and restaurants. (::snickers:: Now that's my dream for a good con - it's not OtherCon, it's not Clan Olympics, it's letting people loose into the city!) Anyway. Back to reality, such as it is. As for other factors, there's at least one popular amusement part nearby, which fits into that unofficial tradition. This... does seem to be an ideal location...

but ye gods, that's a terrifying amount of work.

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