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A basic primer for those new to the madness, and those who want a refresher on all the things we've got going on! Known universes (...or as many as I can get in one sitting), and details as have been released into the wild! :D Will be updated as things get out there, and I remember. ^_^ Listed ships are as known to the public as of this time. Spoilers are possible, but trying to keep it to as minimum as you would get from the tags. In no particular order.

Overview: We (myself and Dogmatix) mostly write in the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars eras, with minor forays into the Original Trilogy and very little to do with Rebels (neither of us have really seen it). We're mad about clones, and I ship Rex and Obi-Wan like whoa. I'm open to pretty much anything, but I've a HUGE weakness for my favorite pair. Obi/Qui, and Anakin/Padme are also common

Balance: Obi-Wan dies on Naboo, not Qui-Gon. Distraught by his padawan's death, Qui-Gon falls and uses the Dark side to kill Maul, and then he leaves the Jedi Order. He is Dark, and he goes searching for the greater Darkness in the galaxy -- and the Sith Master who is responsible for Obi-Wan's death. Tumbl tag: on Balance eating my brain. Ships: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, mostly unrequited.

AWOL: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Desperately want to write this NOW. Tumbl tag: AWOL

Unintended Consequences
: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Started it anyways. Rex and Obi-Wan hook up after Christophsis, and start building a relationship in the middle of the war. Tumbl tag: unintended consequences. Ships: Obi/Rex.

Green Squad: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: green squad

Chibi!Verse: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: chibi!verse

Lady of the Suns: When Qui-Gon takes Anakin from Tatooine, he gets attacked by Maul -- and the Jedi get a helping hand. Then things get REALLY complicated. Tumbl tag: lady of the suns

Through a Mirror Darkly: Taking the Jedi Apprentice series in a whole new direction. Tumbl tag: SithVerse. Ships: nothing current

Star to Steer By: Star Wars crossed with Stargate SG-1. Yes, I know that shouldn't work. Dogmatix is brilliant and found a way. Tumbl tag: star to steer by and star to steer by headcanon. Ships: Anakin/Padme/Fives ('s...less odd in context ^_^ ) Supplemental fic

Blackest Circle: Mustafar goes differently. Dark!Obi-Wan, Dark!Anakin. (With Flamethrower! :D) Tumbl tag: blackest circle. Ships: Anakin/Padme

Ghosts of 66: a so far unconnected set of stories of clones and their Generals. As it says on the tin. Tumbl tag: ghosts of 66. Ships: Anakin/Padme, Obi/Ace!Rex if you squint, but you really have to be looking for it.

Modern Dance: (...definitely needs a decent name by the time it goes to print) A SW modern AU. Rex is a cop. Obi-Wan is the private eye he has to arrest for perving at a dance club -- even if it WAS for the investigation. Things only get murkier from there. Noir, paranormal weirdness, and who knows what else will turn up. Tumbl tag: moderndanceAU. Ships: Obi/Rex (A LOT). Anakin/Padme.

Unmasked: On the back burner. It involves a lot of masks. Tumbl tag: unmasked. Ships: Obi-Wan/Cody

Hard Reset: Darth Vader, with classic Hollywood amnesia. Add angst and Flamethrower (<3). Tumbl tag: amnesia vader. Ships: Anakin/Padme

Analemma Overlay: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: analemma overlay

Nightsisters: During Anakin's Trial of Solitude, things go horribly awry. Genderbending, trans characters, femslash, and all sorts of interesting things we don't get to work with nearly often enough. Tumbl tag: nightsisters and nightsisters AU. Ships: none yet

All the Fic

Dec. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
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So it's occurred to me that a list of the tumblr fic I've written would be useful.

...I suspect this might be a touch quixotic. We shall see.

...and after finding out I do not in fact know how to use this platform, we're going with a placeholder that shall be slowly updated. Yay for competence! :D

Good Morning -- Anakin. Padme. Morning on Naboo. Fluff without plot. (Quasi-canon verse)

Saving Face -- Plo Koon had a simple, easy diplomatic mission to make. It was to his species’ homeworld, so Wolffe was content to let his General go with just one clone escort. What could go wrong? (canon compliant)

3 times Plo Koon almost lost his mask, and 1 time that he did -- Like it says on the tin. Character insights and fluff with a touch of angst and at least a little bit of a lightsaber fight, because hey, Jedi. References events in Saving Face, which may or may not be needed to understand. (canon compliant)

Sheev -- Flamethrower requested "I just want to read a fanfic where the heroes discover that Palpatine’s first name is Sheev, and they’re too busy laughing about it to really be overly concerned about the spitting, indignant Sith who really wanted that secret to remain buried." (random crackverse)

Eldritch Plo thing -- Imagine the Wolfpack as a group of six identical brothers, who move with their harried father and snarky mom to an old house out in the country when they’re maybe five or six years old. There’s a nearby house that’s like, completely run-down and just about falling apart. They hear local stories about the monster/ghost/whatever that lives there, so of course they end up daring each other to spend the night there. (modern AU)

to be edited when I am not distracted by shiny:
Break Fic -- master list, ought to do individual entries
The Frying Pan Thing --
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Pairings: Phil/Clint, Peggy/other are BFFs

I get some of the weirdest (best?) ideas at unholy in the morning (for me), particularly when the weather is too warm.

I want fic. I've seen one where Peggy Carter and Susan Pevensie know each other somehow, and I'm not sure I could find it again, but it was something about friends from school or something.

I want fic where Susan has left England and gone to America to get away from her memories, and somehow fallen into applying for a position as a personal assistant. Peggy has had it up to here with fluffheads who will panic when under fire, so she's made her interview process as harsh as possible (though the current head of SHIELD won't allow her to hold the interviews in the middle of the obstacle course, the wanker). Peggy starts lecturing her potential aides on the difficulties of the job, not just filing papers and scheduling meetings, but diplomatic roles, and working with people who will die. "You will lose people. And when that happens-"

"You deal with it as a queen." And Peggy looks up, really looks at the serene, surprisingly unflappable girl across the desk, the one with lipstick as perfect and red as Peggy's own, and sees the sorrow of lifetimes, and wars, and loss. While Susan doesn't know it, she just got herself hired.

"Who did you lose?" Peggy's finally less than brusque, and while it is not offensively soft, she knows how delicate the question is.

Susan doesn't hesitate. "My parents, my brothers, my sister, our cousin, his lady friend, a surrogate father, and his lady friend." She doesn't talk of her people, of how Aslan tore her and her siblings from their homes twice, returning them without the years they earned and then a thousand years too late to help anyone they had ever known.

But Peggy understands at least some of this. She makes Susan work for the position, and doesn't mind the younger woman's penchant for a bow and arrow rather than a gun (and Su is absolutely no slouch there!), and they spend many years terrorizing SHIELD and idiots who think women are less than men in any way.

I then wanted this fic to tie into the Coulson is Peggy's son trope, but the dates don't quite line up, and THEN I realized why the HELL isn't Susan his mother?

That's right kids, Phil Coulson was raised to respect a bow, to be at least as deadly with a sword and bow as a gun or his bare hands (and all the gods help the poor boy when his Aunt Peggy sits him down to train him in the more dastardly arts and/or how to appear innocuous until you entirely destroy your enemies). His mother makes sure he knows that redemption is possible, that no matter what foolish decisions you make, even if you help the Dark you can return to the Light, and that even without full hope or devotion to a higher power, she knows for a fact that death is not necessarily an end.

It's no surprise that Hawkeye catches his attention. It is hardly a surprise that the archer who can be redeemed is someone he saves, and stands by him through anything. And as their friendship deepens, and seems to be heading towards... something else, Clint is very surprised one day to go down to the tiny archery range to find someone is already there. A slim woman, thinning hair as silvery as the wood of her bow, is almost idly picking off targets with the kind of skill he hasn't seen in aaages, and while she's not as good as him - not too many people are - it's clear that at least some of that is age slowing her down (a little) and arthritis "being a bit of a bastard" as she so wryly informs him.

Clint doesn't even realize that Phil's mom was scoping him out until he's giggling in awe about it to his handler days later. He gets to watch as Phil's eyes narrow, and Coulson just holds up a hand, picks up the phone, and quietly makes a call informing "Mom, I do not need you to test my agents. Hawkeye is my responsibility, and I thought that we agreed you would stay out of my business. What do you mean that wasn't business? This is one of our newest, greatest assets and you just happened to be -"

Clint gets a blushingly good overview of his abilities, and even though he's not able to hear the other end of the conversation, he at least gets that Phil's Mom approves of him.

That's when he starts pursuing Phil with a purpose.

Clint and Susan keep meeting up for archery playdates, including a paintball/nerf version stalking each other in the wild or an indoor obstacle course, both of them giggling like loons and loving every minute of it. Phil probably swings by to see who the hell booked the course with Hawkeye, gets shot by both parties, and leaves only to return with his own weapons and make a very good showing of himself. There is probably mad makeouts at the end of this, or afterwards, because Clint had no. Frikking. Idea that Phil knew how to use a bow other than a basic "you hold this, the pointy bit that goes into other people gets slotted here, and pull the string".

I'm not sure how Aunt Peggy checking up on the quality of young Phil's paramour goes, other than the notion of it makes me giggle. Aunt Peggy, after all, collected all the Captain America memorabilia that she could after the war, because Steve would have thought it was either hilarious or embarrassing, and either way she'd get a lot of mileage out of it. Some of these things - like the collector's cards - she kept pristine. Others made lovely toys for her honorary nephew, who became just as much a fan of Cap - Steve - as she is. So she's fond of the boy.

I want to see what happens when Clint pulls in Natasha, and both Peggy and Susan are called in as "safer" to interact with the Widow who might not appreciate men in power being her primary handlers, and all of them going down to a range and being badasses together. I want to see Susan cautiously scoping out Steve, both to satisfy her curiosity as to her best friend's old love and to gather intel for Peggy. I want Steve to be a gentleman and drawing her art, first of the world they remember and then a world she cautiously tells him of, where there are gallant talking mice and beautifully cruel talking lions and every kind of creature inbetween. By the time she goes to tell Peggy about Steve and how he's doing, she's a little bit in love with him herself.

She never tells Peggy, and Peggy probably knows anyways, and neither of them treat each other or Steve any differently.

I want to read about a young Nick Fury getting irate with Those Women, and Peggy and Susan facing him down, with matching scarlet lipstick and old fashioned nylons - seams perfectly straight above deadly high heels (admittedly never as high as Pepper's, who has a superhuman ability when it comes to footwear). Fury loses, but is the better for it.

I want to read about a young Pepper, first handling Tony unholy Stark, and finding an old friend of the family has come to visit and Ms. Carter and her assistant Ms. Pevensie are wonderful, terrifying, and very fun to go out and get drunk with. They start a barfight, and win. Pepper retains her shoes, though all the ladies are disheveled after a good brawl.

Mind you, I still love the thought that Phil's dad is Kay from MIB, and it was a bit of an inadvertent fling that neither party meant to go anywhere, and the two agencies are a bit cool towards each other, and both Phil's parents are beyond polite and make a game of Who Cracks the Impossibly Perfect Government Agent Stone Face First.

Phil wins every time there's a family gathering, and Clint has declared himself Official Referee and thus the one to keep this damned game from going on for weeks. Peggy has started helping him, and acknowledges that he's her boss when this happens.

I want to read how Kay is supportive, but they're not married and there's some sort of MIB crisis when the kid is due so it's Peggy in the room holding Susan's hand as she gives birth, it's those two who first greet Phil. Kay is happy and proud, but the ostensible parents regularly in Phil's life are Susan and Peggy. Susan names her son, gives him both names, and perhaps she is remembering people in her other life (fun with names!).

She tells Peggy once, of magic and wardrobes, and Peggy tells her of science and a boy who was the sweetest kindest man who suddenly became the strongest hero she ever met. They believe each other. They don't need to commiserate often, mostly they bring out a pair of special drinking glasses and a special alcohol for the bad occasions.

I suspect they hook up at least once, though I don't know if it sticks. Even if they do, it's quiet and low key, as is their friendship - unless they have a row, in which case they end up quite loud, icily cold, and possibly swinging swords at each other.

They're back to normal within 24 hours, every time, and always, ALWAYS unquestionably professional in front of others.

They are glamorous, they are powerful, they are as sisters, they are clearly Queens.

edit: I also want to see Susan seeking out Thor, giving him a narrow eyed look and INTERROGATING the poor man about godhood, and the nature of power, and how he treats followers in both a practical sense and the religious sense. She leaves satisfied and speaking with an archaic lilt, and for weeks afterwards - until he’s acting naive and particularly boneheaded - he’s her favorite. When he does goof, she’s there and chewing him out as equals, or perhaps superior, and unlike anyone else she makes it stick.

No one but Peggy and possibly Phil really understands why Thor calls her Queen Susan, or why she responds to it naturally and with a regal recognition, as if it were her due.

As he’s growing up, Susan calls Tony “Ed” on several occasions, to his confusion and her obvious distress. This stops as he gets older, though she always seems to look at him with an ancient, sorrowful look.

(was crossposted, but nothing beats redundancy!)
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I've been mentioning Spellstorm on and off, and how it has inevitably led to fic. While I'm tossing around the idea of putting what I've written up on AO3, I'm not quite brave enough to open that can of worms (give me a few more weeks to be sleep deprived enough to be that not giving a hoot bold). But! Over Christmas, I read enough AO3 stuff to be totally into AU territory, and my brain wanted to make the Spellstorm story into something more urban punk cracktacular. I mentioned it in passing to a fellow forum member, including that retooling the whole game world was too much work -

annnd promptly had to sit down and write it. -_-;

I know better than to declare unequivocally that this is a one shot, I will not do more with this universe, NO, FRIKKIN' REALLY!, but I'm hoping it remains limited to just this. Please be aware, the following has a ton of spoilers for a game for your phone, and if you are a purist about spoilers, do not continue.

Split the Difference )
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I'm ringing in the first post of the year with my slash icon.

....yuuuup. Ohkay.

Archive of Our Own has updated the Yuletide 2013 fic dump of awesomeness, and while I've been bookmarking like a madwoman, thought I'd mention a few favorites (mind, I'm still working my way through the Sleepy Hollow section, but for the moment here's what I got).

Four Things that Weren't Adequately Covered in Mulan's R.A. Training - Disney Princesses in college, with crack!
Neither Money Nor Praise - Sleepy Hollow meets Assassin's Creed 3. I had no idea I wanted to see a lengthy saga about this crossover, but now I totally do. And I haven't even seen more than about 20 minutes of AC1.
Matched Set - Ichabod Crane vs. Ikea - yes, just as wonderfully insane as it sounds.
Demeter's Anger - describes as Olympian Noir, in which Demeter kind of rules the world.

I have also only just now learned of the Ron is Dumbledore theory, and I am left to boggle at people, go "whut?" in a very flat tone of voice, and then hide under the futon.

Also I beat Brothers, and if you have not played that game go and take the 4 hours to do so and be prepared for the feels.
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.... so, I had this Warcrack idea the other day. It creeped me the hell out. I find that co-dependent relationships creep me the hell out, and this idea was about All That to the point where it gave me the wiggens.

I of course have been having to write it ever since. So. Er. This is one of the stories where I come up for air after a scene, reread it, and go ".... holy crap I'm a sick f##k." Not beta-ed, since I just want this monster out of my brain, and this way I can call it a Halloween horror thing and be done with it.

WARNINGS: rated R (minimum) for gore, torture of animals and people, and mind-f**kery. No, really, I'm not joking about this. Also, not really proof-read. And presumes knowledge of Warcraft. And was mostly written at ungodly in the morning. So in short, please feel free to skip this; I won't be at all offended.

This didn't really help me discover my problems and work through it, it just scared the ever-lovin' crap out of me.

Suffer Well, My Brother )
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So, this time I get to hide behind [ profile] yuki_no_kitsune for mad pairing ideas and [ profile] nemi_chan for enthusiastic sex-pollen concepts. It's all their fault. ;)

Ok, so I had to do some work in there too. And I really do want to say thank you to these two for the creativity daemon attacks, and their presumably unintended (and madly enthusiastic) support in the form of comments that I reread for oomph and motivation. Y'all are awesome. Thank you for letting me steal your ideas.

Speaking of stealing, thanks also to Mel and Christy, for abuse of their characters (I hope this doesn't scar you too badly!), and apologies to David Weber, to whom the originals belong, and who hopefully never ever EVER sees this crime against nature. Also, many thanks (that I was once again too sleep deprived to remember the first go-round) to [ profile] dogmatix_san for the invaluable assistance researching the er, technical bits.

Warnings: m/m smut, mutual non-con, illegal use of weaponry and no-that's-not-a-euphemism. Also spoilers for Demon of Justice through chapter 36. Without further ado, Yithar/Sharna pr0n.

Flute's Tears and Swords )
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Good gods, brain, stop coughing up little fragments of ideas like hairballs that just sit and LOOK at me without any frikkin' clue where they go or what the hell this is all about. *mutter grumble stupid earworm ideas that steal FAR too much from other things*

Base: obviously the earth king whatsisface and the evil vizar archtype guy, with a world savior who is NOT the avatar, dammit. It was almost dreaming, ok? (translation after the fact to english: my brain took too much Avatar, season 2, which I have never seen, spiced it with a nice chunk of Bastion [for the xbox 360], and then demanded I write it)

trimmed for length and ramblyness )
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Defined as I have WoW based ideas leaking out my ears. I've got a page and a half I need to fling at the beta (zomg! I have a beta! <3), I've several paragraphs nibbling at my toes wanting to be written further on something else, and while it's a snippet and not a story I'm enjoying it too much.

There are many, many other story creation things I should be dealing with.

I want to friggin' quest.

I have WoW comics I want to create (stick figure zombie beavers and all).

And the upstairs window is leaking like a sieve.

Gods bless it.

So! To this, I say hells with it; tomorrow Imrishan is gonna try tanking. I know, need to respec and all that, but it'll be an adventure! I have never tanked before! But I do love Northrend dungeons! Anyone want to come with? Roughly noonish server time, depending on how late I'm up tonight, might be a bit later, but not likely earlier (though you never know, miracles can happen).

Makin' a fool of myself in public, wheeeee!

Now, however, off to plastic wrap the window*.

*by which i mean crazed use of grocery bags and probably duct tape
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Picks up immediately after the last part. The whole piece is unpolished, and still doesn't feel quite done, but good gods I need to step away from this for a bit. This technically completes the first draft.

The Gnome Who Cried Wolf, part 2 )
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So as I was trying to figure out what to do since the other approach wasn't working, [ profile] rearranged changed how they were looking at their character, going from a sweet pacifistic engineer to a death machine for the Grimtotem - who also doesn't feel at home in her tribe. Given the Hollows End events, and the Cataclysm itself, and I suddenly had it. ::crosses fingers:: Here's hoping [ profile] rearranged likes it!
Broken Elements )
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So once upon shameful ages ago, I asked if someone wanted me to write WoW fic for them. [ profile] rearranged asked for a look on her tauren death knight Kaliskae, a pacifistic engineer. So I hauled out Keman, and.... it turned into the Keman and Lashana hour. So I set the fragment aside. Here it is, stopping abruptly since it wasn't what I was after.
fragment )
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So.... I got back from a camping trip Tuesday. I have a lot of cleaning to do.

And in the shower I was thinking about how Mel just Does. Not. PVP. And then THIS happened. Apologies to Sozur for abusing his character a little. Mostly tongue in cheek, not considered to be canon. Though this IS kind of how I look at my alts sometimes.

Hey! It's Friday, and there be fic! whooo!

somewhere in Ashenvale.... )
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So.... at one point, I asked on the WoW fan art page if anyone wanted something written. Much to my surprise, folks did.

Then real life hit me. I'm only now finishing the first bit, and am looking for feedback. I think I fell down on the latter half (section?), but I can't tell any more, so I'm posting to see if 1, the requester likes it at all, and 2, if anyone has any constructive criticism. So! Warcraft based writing, NSFW (light R? high PG-13? Somethin' like that). Please tell me what you think! (please note, all characters belong to [ profile] tilmitt)

Letters from Home )
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If you have any appreciation of/for Greek mythology whatsoever, go NOW and read This Is Not A Chick Flick. A retelling of Hades and Persephone that one should not read while drinking anything.
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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Take Harry Potter ( really might want to have read the actual books first). Make Harry a genius little 10 year old, who is TOTALLY scientifically logical and reasonable. And for the love of gods, do not be drinking while you read it.

Mind, I'm only through chapter 5, but gods above, I'm stuck. Wheeee, heart chapter 5 so much!

AND the author is a Feynman fan. I am happy.

EDIT: pretty important here. Um... Chapter 7 has some... things that might Cause Issues with folks. Adult topics (not too unknown in this fandom) - but it says something that it's taken me a bit to get my head around the fact that the author no, really did mean some thing. So if there are things one is not comfortable reading, check his info page first for the warnings. Gleep.
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So... a Final Fantasy 7 snippet that ends up being about 5 pages long (O_O;;). Post game, given I haven't finished it yet, so potential story conflicts, though I think I'm ok. Title is lame 'cause I couldn't think of anything else to call this monster. Feedback is desperately sought.

Oh, and language warning. Since Cid is one foul-mouthed #@$%.

::crosses fingers:: Hope you like, Dogmatix!

Plus Ca Change )

Just sayin'

May. 1st, 2010 03:53 pm
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I've been writing Cid off and on for the last three days, and even my standard speech is becoming expletive-rific.

But I like how the fic is coming along.

Yay, May 1.
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Ok. So... yeah. Apologies to Dogmatix, since she asked for fic first, but gods help me I needed to get this out of my system.

So [ profile] karma_aster wanted Gargs and My Little Pony. Thus we have:

My Little Gargies, part 1 of 3 )

Then [ profile] lynati_1 wanted Ophelia crushing on Brooklyn and their first meeting. Thus we have

My Little Gargies, part 2 of 3 )

And then since [ profile] brooklynx wanted gargs as well, we end up with his gargs Chaos and Gadget in

My Little Gargies, part 3 of 3 )

I make no excuses, just some apologies. In my defense, it was only AFTER all this that I remembered once upon a time I'd seen - well, this. Advised that you wait to read the entry before clicking this last link, due to possible spoilers.

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