Jan. 28th, 2014

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I've been mentioning Spellstorm on and off, and how it has inevitably led to fic. While I'm tossing around the idea of putting what I've written up on AO3, I'm not quite brave enough to open that can of worms (give me a few more weeks to be sleep deprived enough to be that not giving a hoot bold). But! Over Christmas, I read enough AO3 stuff to be totally into AU territory, and my brain wanted to make the Spellstorm story into something more urban punk cracktacular. I mentioned it in passing to a fellow forum member, including that retooling the whole game world was too much work -

annnd promptly had to sit down and write it. -_-;

I know better than to declare unequivocally that this is a one shot, I will not do more with this universe, NO, FRIKKIN' REALLY!, but I'm hoping it remains limited to just this. Please be aware, the following has a ton of spoilers for a game for your phone, and if you are a purist about spoilers, do not continue.

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