norcumi: (Amelorune is up to no good)
2014-02-12 06:04 pm

Operation "Drop the #@$%^ Love Rocket" continues

Day 2: all 11 through the dungeon, got a toxic wastling pet and another forever lovely rose – Kharisa being the packrat sentimentalist that she is, this means I'll be spending another bank space on random THING. I swear, I cannot wait for the toy box.

Am already kind of quite sick of this. Not sure how long this experiment will continue, but will try to keep it going, I think. Also realized I might be able to get EVERYONE to spend tickets on Peddlefeet, meaning I might be looking at 11 (at least!!!) more pets - I already have one, which I considered to be quite enough as it was. Won't be making any effort stretching to get enough, but if it happens -

I will be That Person with a 3 man Peddlefeet team on Non-Valentines holidays. Just because I can PvP like that, I think I shall have to. Note to self, make sure to run a Winter's Helpers 3 man team during the summer holiday.

Day 3: found myself going through the mental notes for what order to do things in, and my excuse was it was very early in the morning when I found myself thinking I should run the Outer Senshi first.

All three horde deathknights GLARED at me. Giggled manically, but it does strike me as more efficient. Also wondered if the level cut off is 89, or 88, since the not-quite-87 hunter might be able to squeak in some runs before the end of holiday.

Found out that VP no longer convert to JP when you hit the limit. VERY disappointed, and spent too long upgrading lots of Kharisa's gear, meaning if/when I finally hit LFR, it'll be even more tricksy gearing up. Yaye.

Results: All 11 down, another vile fumigator's mask (not a clothie), another toxic wasteling, and The Heartbreaker, which – cheeze, I don't even know. Xyvente keeps looking at her new toy funny.

As things stand, expect this to continue the next 11 days or so.