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A basic primer for those new to the madness, and those who want a refresher on all the things we've got going on! Known universes (...or as many as I can get in one sitting), and details as have been released into the wild! :D Will be updated as things get out there, and I remember. ^_^ Listed ships are as known to the public as of this time. Spoilers are possible, but trying to keep it to as minimum as you would get from the tags. In no particular order.

Overview: We (myself and Dogmatix) mostly write in the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars eras, with minor forays into the Original Trilogy and very little to do with Rebels (neither of us have really seen it). We're mad about clones, and I ship Rex and Obi-Wan like whoa. I'm open to pretty much anything, but I've a HUGE weakness for my favorite pair. Obi/Qui, and Anakin/Padme are also common

Balance: Obi-Wan dies on Naboo, not Qui-Gon. Distraught by his padawan's death, Qui-Gon falls and uses the Dark side to kill Maul, and then he leaves the Jedi Order. He is Dark, and he goes searching for the greater Darkness in the galaxy -- and the Sith Master who is responsible for Obi-Wan's death. Tumbl tag: on Balance eating my brain. Ships: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, mostly unrequited.

AWOL: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Desperately want to write this NOW. Tumbl tag: AWOL

Unintended Consequences
: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Started it anyways. Rex and Obi-Wan hook up after Christophsis, and start building a relationship in the middle of the war. Tumbl tag: unintended consequences. Ships: Obi/Rex.

Green Squad: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: green squad

Chibi!Verse: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: chibi!verse

Lady of the Suns: When Qui-Gon takes Anakin from Tatooine, he gets attacked by Maul -- and the Jedi get a helping hand. Then things get REALLY complicated. Tumbl tag: lady of the suns

Through a Mirror Darkly: Taking the Jedi Apprentice series in a whole new direction. Tumbl tag: SithVerse. Ships: nothing current

Star to Steer By: Star Wars crossed with Stargate SG-1. Yes, I know that shouldn't work. Dogmatix is brilliant and found a way. Tumbl tag: star to steer by and star to steer by headcanon. Ships: Anakin/Padme/Fives ('s...less odd in context ^_^ ) Supplemental fic

Blackest Circle: Mustafar goes differently. Dark!Obi-Wan, Dark!Anakin. (With Flamethrower! :D) Tumbl tag: blackest circle. Ships: Anakin/Padme

Ghosts of 66: a so far unconnected set of stories of clones and their Generals. As it says on the tin. Tumbl tag: ghosts of 66. Ships: Anakin/Padme, Obi/Ace!Rex if you squint, but you really have to be looking for it.

Modern Dance: (...definitely needs a decent name by the time it goes to print) A SW modern AU. Rex is a cop. Obi-Wan is the private eye he has to arrest for perving at a dance club -- even if it WAS for the investigation. Things only get murkier from there. Noir, paranormal weirdness, and who knows what else will turn up. Tumbl tag: moderndanceAU. Ships: Obi/Rex (A LOT). Anakin/Padme.

Unmasked: On the back burner. It involves a lot of masks. Tumbl tag: unmasked. Ships: Obi-Wan/Cody

Hard Reset: Darth Vader, with classic Hollywood amnesia. Add angst and Flamethrower (<3). Tumbl tag: amnesia vader. Ships: Anakin/Padme

Analemma Overlay: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: analemma overlay

Nightsisters: During Anakin's Trial of Solitude, things go horribly awry. Genderbending, trans characters, femslash, and all sorts of interesting things we don't get to work with nearly often enough. Tumbl tag: nightsisters and nightsisters AU. Ships: none yet

All the Fic

Dec. 1st, 2015 01:45 am
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So it's occurred to me that a list of the tumblr fic I've written would be useful.

...I suspect this might be a touch quixotic. We shall see.

...and after finding out I do not in fact know how to use this platform, we're going with a placeholder that shall be slowly updated. Yay for competence! :D

Good Morning -- Anakin. Padme. Morning on Naboo. Fluff without plot. (Quasi-canon verse)

Saving Face -- Plo Koon had a simple, easy diplomatic mission to make. It was to his species’ homeworld, so Wolffe was content to let his General go with just one clone escort. What could go wrong? (canon compliant)

3 times Plo Koon almost lost his mask, and 1 time that he did -- Like it says on the tin. Character insights and fluff with a touch of angst and at least a little bit of a lightsaber fight, because hey, Jedi. References events in Saving Face, which may or may not be needed to understand. (canon compliant)

Sheev -- Flamethrower requested "I just want to read a fanfic where the heroes discover that Palpatine’s first name is Sheev, and they’re too busy laughing about it to really be overly concerned about the spitting, indignant Sith who really wanted that secret to remain buried." (random crackverse)

Eldritch Plo thing -- Imagine the Wolfpack as a group of six identical brothers, who move with their harried father and snarky mom to an old house out in the country when they’re maybe five or six years old. There’s a nearby house that’s like, completely run-down and just about falling apart. They hear local stories about the monster/ghost/whatever that lives there, so of course they end up daring each other to spend the night there. (modern AU)

to be edited when I am not distracted by shiny:
Break Fic -- master list, ought to do individual entries
The Frying Pan Thing --
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So I've been on a new anti-depressant for about a week, and I tentatively think it's working. At the very least, I'm not having the gods awful side effects of the last little experiment.

In the last week we've been fighting the temperature in the bedroom (it usually ending up too warm), and last night I had one of those kind of dreams, kind of brain-why-are-you-giving-me-new-story-worlds?! things. Not sure if it was the heat, the meds, or something else, but this morning I ended up writing down notes because there was some fascinating stuff. Admittedly, the fact that my brain couldn't decide if it was a high fantasy kind of story or modern-but-in-a-castle was the most annoying part. I figure what the hey, I'll toss those notes up here to see if it sparks any interest (or if my brain is cribbing some somewhere), so feel free to ask questions or poke holes in what little overarching plot I seem to be nibbling at. Ah, these might be incoherent, mind.

Warning: SPOILERS, language, and trigger warning for offscreen torture

Straight from my .doc )


Dec. 19th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Dear Brain:

I don't care that you've latched on to Demons as absolutely perfect for possibly post-apocalyptic Grim-and-spoilers-stuff smut with Fem!Mage - STOP IT. You've promised Christmas writing to several lovely people which at the minimum you need to deal with first.

And taking the magically-animate objects that would otherwise be inanimate and finding ways to pair them with the main character is still not polite and couldn't be posted in the PG(13ish) forum anyways, so... just stop.

Really. I mean it this time.
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Bleh. Real Life. Working on a real update, but not there yet.

So, for Christmas/Brithday, I got me a new smart phone. It's got bells and whistles and capacity to play games.

I've.... been REALLY enjoying Spellstorm.

If you hang out here much, you ought to know what this means. Five minutes here and there to tap a loot pinata, ridiculous cheese with a nice side of plot, and some of the most gorgeous art you could ask for, a good deal by the talented RealLurial (that's how I found it!). Fanfic is inevitable.

And all I can really spare is 5 minutes here and there, aside from when I'm exhausted but unable to really crash the way I want or need to.

And yet, those damned creativity daemons. There was - still is, in all technicality - an event recently, and I want a denouement. That doesn't really work in this format, which means my brain is overflowing with ideas. In my other spare moments - and a lot when I'm trying to wind down at ungodly in the morning - I've been putting down bits and pieces of the epilogue I want.

Today, RealLurial posted art of a character involved in this mess. Now, I am happy to have art of Mr. Hotness that I can save and drool over, but if you go and look at the angry face there?

First time I saw it was about an hour ago.

I wrote that angry face into my epilogue over a day ago.

That's it; I'm hooked. You will pry this game out of my cold dead hands. Gettin' it right like that is just too sweet.
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So last year [ profile] haikujaguar challenged me to "come up with a set of ORIGINAL characters who also are an adventuring party". The result is long, with many more parts that are somewhat clear in my head but I haven't tried to flesh out here (if nothing else, I can get at least 1 more entry out of details ;) ). Hidden behind a cut! )
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So... I've been prepping a write up mentally for about a week now.

It's also been one of those weeks. Apparently fall is a bad time of year for my mental state.

And THAT is the short reason as to why I'm not aiming for some pie in the sky word count, but I am going "what the hell, why not?" and my goal is a LJ post every day. That may be little slice of life things like this, that might be recipes I've been meaning to post, it might be genuine snippets I've been meaning to pry out of my head and put on paper (ever since I started working on them oh gods a year ago now where DOES time go?!). Or for that matter finally get some of the Brazil write up on metaphorical paper.

This isn't about the word count. This is trying to get myself to just DO something. Hope there's at least a little something enjoyable here. Meantime, daily posts! Here we go!
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So... Every November I look around, wince, and try to ignore all these people doing that Writing Thing.

I also need to point out that the first two weeks of this month are absolutely insane for me schedule wise.

And yet.

Just for giggles, any time this month, as many times as you'd like, feel free to comment on this post and poke me. Provide a prompt if the whim hits you. Name a pairing. Demand pr0n. Ask for a silly giggly little thing. Wonder out loud what the hell ever happened to that thing I was talking about that one time*.

I'll try to write something for/about/maybe vaguely in the neighborhood of your prompt, and we'll see what happens. I might not get to anything, it might be months before I look at it, or I might grow some fortitude and do a word count that makes me happy at the end of the month. I dunno.

I need to push myself more. And maybe this will do something about that. And if not, maybe it will amuse some of you.

* Being specific helps.
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Sometimes I get ideas, and they haunt me. Tayda did, and never mind the lack of comic skills, I could never settle on a solid story, so I kept telling the same scene in different hats and hoping I could get to the end of the page somehow. One day I'll pin that story down and tell it.

Last few days it's been the torch... thing. More ideas keep percolating through, and I want to poke at it and see what happens. I don't know what to call it; my first instinct of "Alone in the Almost Dark" doesn't seem to fit the new plot threads I have. It's good for the first part, chapter or what have you, but not the matter as a whole. "Lux Aeterna" has flirted with my brain some, but it also doesn't fit later ideas and it seems to be popular as a musical title, and none of the stuff YouTube has been polite enough to cough up for me fit in the least, and I'm disinclined to tread on naming trends. Maybe "Eternal Light" in some other language, but that's also flaky, since why am I presuming ancient Sidhe in some fantasy world spoke Norse or the like?

I keep looking at this idea for a braided novel (I think this is a braided novel? Google has been somewhat unhelpful in defining this term for me), which fits my compulsion to tell bite sized stories but also caters to my obsession with stories containing a greater scope.

Mind, I'm now starting to get weird flashes of how might I be stealing from Inuyasha, but hopefully no more than any other source. There's also Beauty and the Beast and possibly other fairy tales dripping through there. -_-

details since they won't leave me alone anyways, and others might be interested or at least willing to tell me it was mass produced by [Insert Big Name Author Here] years ago.... )

Now if only I could get myself to sit down and actually WRITE half of this. O_o
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Friend locked since I'm occasionally a paranoid bastard unfriendlocked since after a few days sanity kicks in

This morning I was sprawled in bed, half awake at best. I was groggy, not entirely conscious, and my mind was flowing all over the place the way it sometimes will. I went from what I wanted to do today, and then several things I have to do later this week, and once again I got stuck on Tuesday. Since I was in elementary school, I've enjoyed in the privacy of my own head calling it Moon's Day, or Freya's Day, or whathaveyou, but for the longest time Zues' Day confused me. I'd looked it up a few months ago, and it was (unsurprisingly) named for another Norse god, but unawake as I was, I couldn't recall which (Wikipedia has since reminded me it is Tyr, which feels like a duh moment).

And my mind flowed from there, possibly latching onto a trailer or two I'd seen for Thor, and I was half dreaming of a viking lord's Hall. I think it was a Loki-esque character that was being taunted, or perhaps the camera was focused on someone with Honour who disapproved of such japes and taunting the fallen foe/Loki/whathaveyou. A man, with long hair of indeterminate color, turned to the Lord and declared somewhere between a growl and a deadly calm, quiet statement that he would stay until that *point* torch burned down, but no longer. When it died, he would leave.

The Lord was unamused. At this point, the near dream shifted, and I realized that these were no vikings, but this was Under The Hill, and these were Sidhe. And an unamused Sidhe lord is not to be trifled with, even by one of his greatest warriors. The feasting and merriment went on, with dark tones and ominous trumpets underneath, and as guests slipped out of the hall the torches burned down, one by one.

Save the torch most relevant. It burned, still halfway down, and it remained thus. The camera remained on The Warrior, his face grave and grim, as the revelers around him left. And still the torch burned. And thus centuries passed, the torch glowing as is normal but never lower.

A part of me realized this held flavors of Beauty and the Beast, but I liked the imagery, the vehicle. Perhaps an archaeological exploration, centuries later - perhaps not in the modern era of cell phones and computers, but in a vibrant Renaissance era, full of Greek influence and exploration and swashbuckling heroism, all in a world that is not earth, that has elves and possibly magic though later serious thought says magic should be a myth not "reality". Or maybe a young man or woman, dropped down an old, dry well for some inaccurate crime. A lean, lithe figure creeping down a hallway in almost utter darkness, able to glimpse hints of... something, gods help them let it be something, for e'en if tis death, at least tis not endless hunger in endless darkness!

And they step out of darkness into the flicker of a torch - fresh enough, looking to last maybe another hour at least - and a man, sitting at an empty table. And then this impossible figure in ancient clothes, with an ax or sword hanging off a high backed chair moves, and something which is ancient but not quite a skeleton, with long gracefully pointed ears and inhumanly glittering eyes glares at our hapless hero(ine). The cadaverous mouth opens, and says something in an ancient tongue that sounds like church hymns but is equally incomprehensible. It is an ancient language that our hero is definitely not familiar with, but despair they know. They hear the emotion, and that is how they respond.

I'm not sure what happens next. As often/always happens with me, I've the first part of an idea and no idea what to do with it. Perhaps The Lord is still around, and has become crueler and more capricious. Perhaps they have even taken up a human guise and is now Alchemist to a King. Or perhaps with The Warrior never-dying, his main greatest foe has never died either, lying insensate and restrained by sympathetic magics in a further flung hall, and only now stirs, and wishes to continue, or end, the conflict.

I like a good romance, or at the very least a bromance, so something should grow between The Warrior and Our Hero(ine), though strangely enough this gives me vibes of LadyHawke. I think there should be something, but what is most accurate is unclear.

I'm not sure where any of this goes. But I do find the image of a flickering torch enthralling, a worked iron sconce and endless flames surrounded by time and darkness.
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I need an icon for "Such a Bad Idea". Possibly featuring hradani. Hate sex between Yithar and Sharna with sex pollen influence as a possibility is silly and wrong and ringing just true enough for me to giggle way too manically. MAKE. IT. STOP.

Mel, Christy, your fans are doing bad things to my brain.

And I still have that other thing to write. Dammit. *crazed muppet flailing* Why do I have pr0ntastic ideas coming out my ears all of a sudden? helllllllp!

details )
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I cannot seem to get over Chapter 32 of Demon of Justice (admittedly some of that comes from rereading That Scene over and over and frikkin' OVER again to get the right tone for this bit o' smut). Now, I'm going to be honest. I get brotherly vibes from Bahzell and Brandark, not smutty ones at all. The slashy sentiments in the comments of DoJ confuse me, and that of course led me to wonder under what circumstances could smut happen.

Many thanks to [ profile] hime_no_nishi for the plot prompt that finally made the plot here work for me. Also, a tip of the hat to [ profile] joisbishmyoga for being the first one (er, that I saw) to propose... well, a spoilery concept that I totally snagged for the purposes of this fic. Lastly, huge thank yous to [ profile] dogmatix_san for her assistance with some of the, er, technical bits!

HOWEVER. I cannot emphasize enough This is not DoJ canon compliant! I am not Mel, I am not Christy, I am not even a sock puppet! The following fic is SPECULATION, and totally speculation on my part as to how this fantastic, wonderful saga could go. Ya know, down another trouser leg over thattaway.

I haven't asked, but I doubt this is how things will go. And I'm ok with that. I had a creativity daemon gnawing on my ankle, so I wrote it. So with those caveats in mind, I present to you Brandark/Bahzell smut, with a nice dish of angst and plot on the side.

The Native Hue of Resolution )
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So I'm not sure who to blame for this. Probably my own deranged imagination, to be honest. So! Once upon a time, there was guild fic, called Diplomacy. Then [ profile] mel_redcap went and wrote a sequel: Melevil and Caleanon Play With Allies.

I kinda had to follow that up, you see. And thus we have The Problem with Drinking to Forget )
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What the hell. Saw it goin' 'round, so why not?

Out of utter curiosity, if I was chained up in your attic, and I had to write you one story, what would you request?
Or alternatively, what's something you always hoped I'd write but know is never going to happen?
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.... there comes a point, when writing somewhat experimental pr0n that comes from the deranged place of "Ohkaaay... so all these folks see it, what circumstances can I possibly create wherein this makes sense?", that ones just face palms. I mean mid-sentence, one stops writing, puts one's hands over one's face, and goes "Sweet baby hamsters, if the characters in question could read this they'd A, practically kill themselves laughing, and then B, literally kill me for putting them in such a ridiculous position."

Gods dammit. Brandark, I hope you can forgive me for this. Bahzell too, but I guess after the Lay of Bahzell Bloody-hand, this feels like small potatoes.

Nosir, that doesn't make sense to me either.
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I get to blame [ profile] mel_redcap for me writing stuff! So to recap: Mel is one of the folks responsible for writing Demon of Justice, in which Gundam Wing is crossed over with Oath of Swords. Lovely stuff. Go read it, though I'd suggest Oath of Swords, and possibly War God's Own, first (free e-books at those links, just FYI).

Why is this relevant? I finally caved and wrote fan fic of their fan fic. To explain that one, I need to go into spoilers for Demon of Justice through Chapter 32 )
and now on with the fic, which is also spoilerific )
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... we have an excuse and way to link Many Interesting Things as I bitch about my life.

Dear Creativity Daemons,

Stop it. )
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So I've got this thing with Ellinn and Kius (er, down near the bottom of the entry). And I've only got snippets that might fit in a thematic whole, but I don't have that; I just have snippets and one shots with the same characters.

I suck at putting together larger story arcs. So, while I have a few spare minutes, I'm a'gonna ramble here and see what all comes out (also really really tired, thus in a rambly mood). If you are concerned with spoilers, there will be lots in this post. If you are concerned with consistency, or me actually producing writing, all of the following is really up in the air right now. This is also a bit of an experiment for me, to see if I can do a rough outline (....of sorts) of a story/combination of short stories.

So let's get on with the babel )


Apr. 11th, 2011 10:52 pm
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Sometimes I find myself wishing for random plot nibbles. So I actually dug up a random plot generator the other day that amuses me, if nothing else. It is found HERE. Some of the highlights:

* An always cheerful nun cross dresses as a stuffy gold digger.
* When they discover their parents are having an affair, a circus of misfits go on a pilgrimage.
* A psychiatrist inherits a talking parrot.
* An heroic father falls for a geeky warlord.
* A sick pirate undermines a maverick hairdresser.
* A manipulative little old lady runs away from a handsome alien abductee.
* A governess finds and assists an incompetent mermaid.

The last one still makes me giggle the most.

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