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Those dice I mentioned needing to roll?

Yeah. Giving the boss my 2 weeks notice really shouldn't hurt so much.

.... there are times when I know I'm too damn loyal for my own good.

gods, my hands are still shaking.

it's that we both clearly wanted to cry, i think.

meh. old posts of me freaking out about this are now off private.

i wish i'd had my shit together enough to say that i was leaving for somewhere else. i'm not sure what difference it would have actually made, but somehow it feels like that might have made things go better. somehow.

no, probably not. i'm just desperate that way.
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"If you can distinguish it from magic, it's not sufficiently advanced enough!"

I love the random conversations I get to overhear in the atrium.

Damn radio

Nov. 30th, 2009 06:36 am
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Not what you think.

Daughtry, 'No Surprise' )


Nov. 18th, 2009 07:20 pm
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Oh gods. Oh godsohgodsohgods.

There's this week, the last 2 days of it. Then there's up to Wednesday, then it's Thanksgiving break. Then the week after that Wednesday is another Vendor meeting. That Thursday is my birthday. The day after that is 2 weeks from the end of the semester and break.

I want to scream and hide under objects now. Or throw up. Oh gods.
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I... need humor right now. Aunt Kay died today - fucking cancer. So I present to you conversations that I might have had part of, but thankfully kept the rest in my head. Read more... )


Nov. 13th, 2009 05:32 pm
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So... yeah. Life is... well, life )

Holy carp

Nov. 2nd, 2009 10:47 pm
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::sits and hyperventilates for a little bit::

It's amazing how many bullet points one can get when one tries. I mean, ok, I'm tailoring like everyone says, it's just....

Man, it DOES come down to tomorrow afternoon. I'm as prepped as I'm gonna get. ::crosses fingers:: Pleeeeease no monkey wrench in the morning, boss! note to self: 7:15, so 6 am bus.
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In no particular order:

full of ellipses )
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Yeah, so I'm still working at the same place. Anyone want a job?
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Wheee! One of my freshman is back!

Ok, so there's lots of things that are back. Our vending location hauled ass from the -

language. Want to watch my language.


... we got back to the atrium from the *cough* alternate location, there we go, a nearby classroom, and renovations on the atrium itself are almost done - they still need to put the lights on the underside of the bridge that's now over my head when I work at the register. It makes the place look a lot smaller and much less airy, but not the awful thing I was hoping it wouldn't be.

Students started Monday too, so it was a nice bump up from the hours of boredom that it's been over the summer (though that HAS been good for my reading).

And today one of my freshman came in! Damned if I can recall the last time I ranted about this, if ever, so here we go. The folks who were freshman in the fall of '04 I still think of in a slightly propitiatory fashion as "my freshman", because they started about 2 weeks after I started working at the atrium. There were a few who really stood out, and that I latched on to, and would always enjoy running into. Obviously, most of them graduated. A few did that thing where if you don't get out of CMU fast enough, you become staff of some sort. And it seems that another one is back and still working on a degree of some sort (no idea which, didn't think it was polite to ask). This is one of those continuity things that just makes me feel good. There's also that strange sense of connection, that's rather arbitrary, but happens throughout life - the person who rides the same bus, day in and day out, and y'all never share words or looks, but you sometimes sneak a peek at the titles of the books they read. The person who works at the bookstore and used to ask if you wanted help finding anything, but after awhile just gives a knowing little smile and shoos the eager new hires away so you can scour the shelves in peace. That guy you pass in the hallway whenever you leave class, and it's obvious that he's just gotten out of one down the hall - it's those crazy little moments that you might not even recognize, but if something goes amiss, if that person stops being there for some reason - maybe they just can catch a more advantageous bus - then there's something that wonders. Because there is that connection.

That person who would come in for lunch, always have a smile and a witty comment - or at least a witty comment and an appreciate for a smile and wishes for a better day - and then doesn't. The semester is a month in, and no sign, and while they might have classes in all other parts of campus, typical human habit says they'd stop in to see if the pizza is still just as good/awful/what-have-you as they recall. And it's clear they took the semester off, or switched schools, or who knows what, and you sometimes just... wonder. Hope that they're doing well, and ponder poking at google in a fairly freakish way, just 'cause the not knowing is sometimes frustrating. People fascinate me in this way. Maybe it makes me stalker potential. Maybe it's what makes me good at being a cashier. Maybe this is what drives that strange tendency towards being a people person, or a writer, or just another lunatic with a blog.

I dunno.

In randomly other news, tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy. Thank. Gods. 6 months - actually, no, almost 7 from broken leg to "Better".

Yeah, I'll take it.
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Vendor meetings still suck, just in different ways. I feel like I should be obligated to go hug a tree or something.

Oh gods, someone just used "empowerment" in conversation.

In other news, Tomb Raider: Legend kicks. Ass. So much love.

Oh yeah. And Kharisa hit 74. Whoot!
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For the luva the light does anyone on my friends list happen to be and/or know someone in Pittsburgh who 1, is a decent person, and 2, wants a job? We're talking not so great pay, but decent hours, nice environment once the Gates THING gets more finished and we are no longer serving food out of a classroom, and leftover pizzas and doughnuts and suchlike that you can take home to your heart's content? No prior food experience necessary, so long as you're willing to learn and listen to those who might have a clue about no you don't want to be making meatball subs there because the hot and recently empty pizza pans are right next door and those suckers can leave one hella burn mark on you.

Also, while I don't mind singing along with the radio, or even songs that aren't on the radio, um.... some things just aren't meant to be sung to oneself in the workplace. >_<;;;
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It's raining in Wean.

IN Wean. Poor Dave Eckard has a waterfall in his office. :(

Tomorrow's gonna be a sucky day at work. I hate it when it floods sewage in the B level storage room (I don't much care about the rest of B level, just our storage room yes just kidding fortheluvapete).


Apr. 29th, 2009 03:00 pm
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For what it's worth, if anyone in Pittsburgh is looking, we are currently hiring. The pay's not great, but the hours are decent, and the co-workers are good. ;)
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So I realized I haven't had an update, though life has updated. So... yeah. Here we go )


Oct. 31st, 2008 03:22 pm
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Today's costume count from work:

* Cow
* Lion
* Bee
* Skunk
* Polar Bear
* A Punk
* A Naruto background ninja (or whatever else you might call using the village designation headband thingy)
* Robot (the colander on the head was the perfect touch)
* Lara Croft (disappointingly only seen at a distance, and mainly the boots and thigh holster/short shorts combo that meant 'twas Lara - wish I'd seen her closer as to determine which Lara [Legend kicks @$$!!!!])
* Rorschach, which just totally made my day. He even made sure to have a scarf and the dress shoes. EEEEEEE!
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Dear Thoughtless Nimrod )
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Bad boss. No biscuit.


Mar. 17th, 2008 03:29 pm
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Now it's the freakin' cream cheese. Gimme a damn break!!!

Closing time )


Feb. 7th, 2008 03:27 pm
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So..... anyone lookin' for a job? ::falls over after almost a week of 3 people doing the jobs of 5::

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