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So there I was, heading home from getting groceries. And I heard Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

And I thought man, this would make a nice Zuko centric amv.

WHY am I reading Avatar fic?

... and this means something is horrifically broken, too, doesn't it?

at least i didn't go look and see if such a thing exists....
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Congrats on telling Trade that you got the flame of Orgrimmar. That's rough, since you can fly high overhead, swoop down, snag the fire, and get 10 minutes easy rez sickness without too much fuss. If you timed it right, you might even have been able to fly out and avoid the death entirely. This is the joy of Old World flight.

You don't have to do it with a raid. I should know. I had my 80 DK ride her tiger into Org, all alone, last year. For that matter, my level 48 spriest sauntered into Undercity today (11 am server time) and took their flame, without even having to bubble.

Why do you think you're awesome, and that this means you should be spamming trade? Really?

no love,
the grumpy baby shadow priest trying to get the next level of her professions
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So the latest test patch notes are up. For the uninitiated, that means the folks running World of Warcraft have speculative changes up. For the uninitiated, the following doesn't matter a damn. For everyone else -

ok, so I'm a little cheezed off at the new mount.... thing. Here's a copy of the relevant text.

cut for those who don't care )
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Last note of progress: 38 last October.

Mel is 61, nearing 62, and I hate Outlands. It pays well, but I hate outlands crap. Just not sure what to do in "the old world". Moreover, need total of 400 odd gold in order to learn how to ride the mount I do have. 300 odd to go, and I already have more than I ever had before.

Odds look odd. Should maybe make a bank alt, so as to have bank space, so as to have bag space, so as to go a-dungeoning. That might make money. Only done deadmines and stockades, so there's options, at least, and they nerfed dungeons, right?


meh. if all else fails, there are alts. Oooooh yes, there are alts.

... just.... dammit...



Apr. 3rd, 2006 07:53 pm
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My 89 year-old grandmother is... not doing so good. I talked with my parents tonight, and - things like she got new, digital hearing aids - and she heard the spring peepers "for the first time in 8, 9 years". She's putting up the expected fight against using a walker, though her right leg is going, and......

My parents talk about tearing down her falling apart house, selling their own, and building a combined dream house on the 30 odd acre property which is the base for the clan's land.

I don't think she'd survive long enough to see it. I don't know if my parents think this is a pipedream, if they're ignoring that, or if they need that something to hold onto.

just makes me wanna cry.

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