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Today - well, don't ask me where I found this.*

I need to play Assassin's Creed one of these days.

* apparently based on All the Single Ladies instead - curse my lack of pop culture! Sorry!
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Also, since this is my current "listen to on loop" working music, thought I'd share.

Er, spoilers for Harry Potter. HUUUUUGE ones. Prolly obvious, but just sayin'.
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The Neighborhood.
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Operation: Post More Often is coming along nicely. Admittedly these posts are fairly content-less, but since I'm posting writing at the same time to an older post, I feel justified.

Anyway, I know I've mentioned it in a few posts, and I tend to quote it, but no one seems to recognize said quote, and thus I present a link through YouTube of a video I like.

Escape From CMU, which was kinda obviously a student film project (though I doubt anyone got a grade for it). Dated in many, many ways, and no, I do not know anyone in it, but it makes me giggle a lot. So.... passin' it on.

Yeah, that really was all.

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