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.....Kickstarter is not the answer to every interesting question.

F'r instance, setting something like that up to make Gargles shirts again, or the toothbrushes --

That's just the nuttiness getting to me. Right?


I'm serious, this is quantifiably A Bad Idea, right?
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Not bad enough for Dear_gnome, but for my own reference.

Vyndarion, you're a dick. Flagging in the Firelands? Ok, I get it. It happens. But really? We're storming the spire, I tag you accidentally, and I apologize and go back to swatting a fire elemental you'd tagged and will get the loot for.

And you keep fighting me. Ok. Fine. So I wisp back, and right before I've made sure you do all the work and kill the miniboss for me, I rez.

you kill me again. Somehow I'm not surprised. The tea-bagging though - that's a special kind of classy. May you wipe on every elite in this thrice-bedamned zone. I'm going back to getting my marks. (only about 150 left to go, only about 150 left to go, please o please let it stop after Armaments and Moonwell filling only 150 left to go.....)
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Congrats on telling Trade that you got the flame of Orgrimmar. That's rough, since you can fly high overhead, swoop down, snag the fire, and get 10 minutes easy rez sickness without too much fuss. If you timed it right, you might even have been able to fly out and avoid the death entirely. This is the joy of Old World flight.

You don't have to do it with a raid. I should know. I had my 80 DK ride her tiger into Org, all alone, last year. For that matter, my level 48 spriest sauntered into Undercity today (11 am server time) and took their flame, without even having to bubble.

Why do you think you're awesome, and that this means you should be spamming trade? Really?

no love,
the grumpy baby shadow priest trying to get the next level of her professions


Mar. 9th, 2011 03:57 pm
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Grenade by Bruno Mars

What. The. HELL?! is this shit?!?!?!

So help me, if I hadn't heard it on the radio, I wouldn't believe it was a real frikkin' song.

What is WRONG with people that this is pop culture?

Head. Desk.
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.... dear self:

while you might be thinking "will write pr0n fic of most any sort for money and subsequently a sparkle pony", that's a DUMB. Idea. No, really. Don't go over to that particular shade of the dark side. It's just... seriously. When you have an actual income, you can THEN justify something as stupid as a sparkle pony.

Besides, if you do this, then you'd HAVE to produce writing. Right? Right?

You've already got other projects - the learning python thing, and making sure you freakin' E-MAIL people, and and and -

fuck. You're going to do it, aren't you?

hells. If someone wants to toss a prompt my way, for cash or just for giggles, at least it gets the damn urge out of my system. I'll tackle most anything and any fandom I'm familiar with (or at least enough to fake it), work safe or otherwise, just - let's just get this damned urge out of the way. Once again, I seriously doubt people will bite (for free, even), but g'head and surprise me if you'd like!

So there, self. Take that.

now I just wonder who won....
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Dear Blizzard.

Don't. Just don't. Please do not to sell shiny sparkly star ponies, because dammit, I should NOT be wasting money on this shit.

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Well. Well well well.

Ranty! )
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Vendor meetings still suck, just in different ways. I feel like I should be obligated to go hug a tree or something.

Oh gods, someone just used "empowerment" in conversation.

In other news, Tomb Raider: Legend kicks. Ass. So much love.

Oh yeah. And Kharisa hit 74. Whoot!
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So the latest test patch notes are up. For the uninitiated, that means the folks running World of Warcraft have speculative changes up. For the uninitiated, the following doesn't matter a damn. For everyone else -

ok, so I'm a little cheezed off at the new mount.... thing. Here's a copy of the relevant text.

cut for those who don't care )
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Dear Thoughtless Nimrod )
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Bad boss. No biscuit.
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So, today at work the talk about the gift exchange thing took off. Whatever. That's fine and peachy keen. But somewhere along the way, one of the threads of conversation took a sharp left turn and one co-worker, who shall remain nameless, mentioned that blankets are nice. This does, in fact, make more sense in context, but that's not really relevant.

So anyway, said co-worker is also a maaaajor Steeler's fan. Whatever. I live here, but I don't have to care. But it did spark discussion amongst other co-workers about gifts. I simply turned around and asked the nearest Steeler-fan of the two if they make blanket sized Terrible Towels. I mean, I can't be the only person to think up such a tacky thing. And a decent fleece blanket, split 3 ways, should make a nice gift.

Now, here comes the dumb part. I was thinkin' on my way home. Mostly, it was about how it'd be cute if there was a blanket of terrible towels - not a single uber-large one, but a patchwork blanket of actual towels.

Cute. Yes, you heard me right.


Thank goodness, I had some stops on my way home, and as a point of reference I checked at the local drug store, and the things are about $8 each. Not very do-able financially.

It's just.... It'd be cute! I know how to sew it and everything! And we have this hand sewing machine as Seen On TV and everything, and it'd need a cotton filler and a back of some sort, but that's easy if you have a handy fabric store and there's one right across from my doc's office -

and thankfully, this is the point where I remember I have no time, little energy, and not much care at all about the Steelers. Whew.

(but it'd still be cute)

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