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I've been mentioning Spellstorm on and off, and how it has inevitably led to fic. While I'm tossing around the idea of putting what I've written up on AO3, I'm not quite brave enough to open that can of worms (give me a few more weeks to be sleep deprived enough to be that not giving a hoot bold). But! Over Christmas, I read enough AO3 stuff to be totally into AU territory, and my brain wanted to make the Spellstorm story into something more urban punk cracktacular. I mentioned it in passing to a fellow forum member, including that retooling the whole game world was too much work -

annnd promptly had to sit down and write it. -_-;

I know better than to declare unequivocally that this is a one shot, I will not do more with this universe, NO, FRIKKIN' REALLY!, but I'm hoping it remains limited to just this. Please be aware, the following has a ton of spoilers for a game for your phone, and if you are a purist about spoilers, do not continue.

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Dec. 19th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Dear Brain:

I don't care that you've latched on to Demons as absolutely perfect for possibly post-apocalyptic Grim-and-spoilers-stuff smut with Fem!Mage - STOP IT. You've promised Christmas writing to several lovely people which at the minimum you need to deal with first.

And taking the magically-animate objects that would otherwise be inanimate and finding ways to pair them with the main character is still not polite and couldn't be posted in the PG(13ish) forum anyways, so... just stop.

Really. I mean it this time.
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Bleh. Real Life. Working on a real update, but not there yet.

So, for Christmas/Brithday, I got me a new smart phone. It's got bells and whistles and capacity to play games.

I've.... been REALLY enjoying Spellstorm.

If you hang out here much, you ought to know what this means. Five minutes here and there to tap a loot pinata, ridiculous cheese with a nice side of plot, and some of the most gorgeous art you could ask for, a good deal by the talented RealLurial (that's how I found it!). Fanfic is inevitable.

And all I can really spare is 5 minutes here and there, aside from when I'm exhausted but unable to really crash the way I want or need to.

And yet, those damned creativity daemons. There was - still is, in all technicality - an event recently, and I want a denouement. That doesn't really work in this format, which means my brain is overflowing with ideas. In my other spare moments - and a lot when I'm trying to wind down at ungodly in the morning - I've been putting down bits and pieces of the epilogue I want.

Today, RealLurial posted art of a character involved in this mess. Now, I am happy to have art of Mr. Hotness that I can save and drool over, but if you go and look at the angry face there?

First time I saw it was about an hour ago.

I wrote that angry face into my epilogue over a day ago.

That's it; I'm hooked. You will pry this game out of my cold dead hands. Gettin' it right like that is just too sweet.

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