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In the middle of an amusing "back in my day, of vanilla WoW" it hit me.

Anyone else remember the piles and piles of cloth one used to turn in as the only easy way to gain rep with the homecities?

They took that cloth and made tabards of it. THIS is where the resources came from. It was after all, as my lovely conversationalist pointed out, "enough cloth to clothe every begger in Azeroth in princely robes."

I hope I'm as amused by this later tomorrow.
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So I park on the street, and at one point start bringing in the groceries. Quindar had beat me home, so we took a little bit of time for the "how was your day" thing. When I go back out for more groceries, there's a guy walking his dog, lurking across the street and clearly eyeing my car. When I make eye contact and nod to indicate I See Him, he nods back with a gruff "your trunk was open". Half accusatory, half covering himself since he clearly felt at odds.

I do so wish I hadn't said something innocuous about "yeah, always more groceries", and instead said what immediately sprang to mind: "Oh, that's not my car, I just figured since there were groceries there I'd snag some for myself."

But I really don't need the trouble that would bring.

Even if I did amuse myself greatly.
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Came home from a late dinner at Five Guys in Oakland, taking the long way through Schenley Park, and we had the windows of the car open, and the radio blasting. I can see why people do that; it IS kinda fun.

Admittedly, we were playing selections from Halo and Deus Ex....
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"Ah hah!" cried the Norcumi, standing proud and arms akimbo, looking upon her completed grill. Never mind the rain slashing down outside, meaning using it today (or the rather necessary yard-work) would be impossible. "Can has grill!"

And lo, the lightning did flicker, and the room wast plunged into darkness.

"Can't has electricity, tho."

But thanks to the miracle of a UPS, she didst go unto her laptop to tell the internets.

Can has electricity back, now.

sadly, only some of this has been edited from the cold, hard, pathetic truth.


Nov. 11th, 2008 07:46 am
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For the Shadowrun obsessed out there:

Boom de yada.


Hells with it. I'm makin' myself a SR icon. And then edited this post rather gleefully with it.
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"How is it that EVERYONE sells "only the finest goods." Where the hell is the wal mart of World of Warcraft??"
Me: "Gnomer."

No response, but I thought I was funny.

No, no point to pretty much any entries lately.

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