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Dear Zahadoom:

Hepzibet would like to thank you for the 7 gold repair bill from Coren frikkin' DIREBREW. Yes, the 3 minute holiday dungeon boss, wherein the whole party wiped.

I almost hadn't thought that was possible. It's not the money that bugs me, it's that. we. WIPED.

Sir, I would like to congratulate you on achieving 85 (... 18 hours before running said holiday dungeon), and having blood spec, but that does not make you a tank. Gods, you didn't even have Thrall's purple persian rug geared, and that's an easy half hour THING that, even if you hadn't snaffled the tank cape, you'd at least have something more than an heirloom cloak. Or, you know, you could've used something other than Wrath trinkets.

I hope the armory hasn't caught up with the changes you made, and you were in fact better geared, but I wasn't about to try to inspect you while the dwarves were beating my hunter's face in, you were going down like tissue paper, and I felt totally justified in using Gift of the Naruu to try to help the healer keep you standing. My shale spider might not have tanked spectacularly, but I at least could try to keep adds off the healer long enough for her to rez you so you could jump in again.

However, healer, you might be terrifyingly well equipped in full purples, and possibly quite spectacular at PvP, but telling the "tank" that "you suck" before dropping was not a useful comment. Thank you for staying the whole dungeon, but wow.

no love,
Hep and the cranky player
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Not bad enough for Dear_gnome, but for my own reference.

Vyndarion, you're a dick. Flagging in the Firelands? Ok, I get it. It happens. But really? We're storming the spire, I tag you accidentally, and I apologize and go back to swatting a fire elemental you'd tagged and will get the loot for.

And you keep fighting me. Ok. Fine. So I wisp back, and right before I've made sure you do all the work and kill the miniboss for me, I rez.

you kill me again. Somehow I'm not surprised. The tea-bagging though - that's a special kind of classy. May you wipe on every elite in this thrice-bedamned zone. I'm going back to getting my marks. (only about 150 left to go, only about 150 left to go, please o please let it stop after Armaments and Moonwell filling only 150 left to go.....)
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So this elemental invasion event thing is... different. I find I'm kinda enjoying it, strangely enough )
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Ok, so since I keep running into those wonderful examples of gene pool goodness, I'm making a list for myself of WoW folks to never, EVER group with again. Mmm, now with tags. Feel free to ignore the frenzied screaming to follow.

Keman's new buddies (end sarcasm) )
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Well. Well well well.

Ranty! )


Jan. 22nd, 2010 03:55 pm
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Two! TWO! ::dances around in stupidly gleeful little circles:: Two crits above 5k today! Ok, so I was buffed by a pally and a druid and Horn of Winter and Well Fed and all, but TWO! And that was before getting some awesome new gloves! EEEEEEEEeeeeee!!!!

It's not like I feel I can advertise in trade 5k dk lfg or whatthehellever some of those crazed folks do, but DAMN, does this make it feel good to play this game! (rule of random rewards, and all)

::sighs happily:: Now all I want to do is find that damned shaman who putzed around the first time I went through the Pit of Saron, dopeslap the bint a couple of times, and then slam on an "ignore." First off, this was someone who had NO idea how to group (in the middle of battle, RIGHT before a boss, when several folks are making their first run is NOT the time to yell "If he drops the shield it's mine no one else need it rawr rawr rawr" - or anything akin to that. BEFORE starting the dungeon is the time to ASK if anyone else needs it, here's the reason I desperately want it could I please o please have it, in which case people will probably not be jackasses and need whatever it is anyways. As I was tempted to do, though fortunately for my karma it didn't drop). Secondly, hurrying everyone though things, and agging when the tank isn't ready, is STUPID. Thirdly, that totally tosses some lovely storytelling out the window by hurrying everyone past the interesting cinematic bits where o hey, STUFF IS HAPPENING. Feh. Thank gods she's on another realm.

.... ok, so I guess that bugged me more than I thought it did. I'm still in a good mood and giggly and ready to CLEAN (and perhaps not use capslock so much) but anyways! EEEEEEeeeeeeee!

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