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Holy carp, I just had a character hijack my brain.

Ok, so I've had several folks try to do that lately, but Simon made it work. So, that Shadowrun fic I've been working on? I've a new piece of it. This segment follows immediately after Anger, Vengeance, and Favors - as in one should flow right into the next.

Making A Deal )


Nov. 14th, 2008 04:14 pm
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Holy Exposition, Batman! )
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It's Friday again. And gods help me, I've got more Shadowrun stuff. We're back to the NSFW stuff. This is... hurm. Actually this is the furthest along of the post-Rebellion fic, so it takes place after "Favors", though how much later I'm not sure.

Also? I'm thinking of calling the fic as a whole "Revolution," but nothing concrete on that yet. Input, as always, is gleefully appreciated.

He's not like that.... (NSFW) )
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Posted so I can close the window.

“Look, you ran with Draga more'n I did, but that's because she and I had somewhat more overlapping skills. Thing is, in the end she's not known for her matrix magic. Draga's expertise was ALWAYS as a fixer. She knew more people than Santa Claus, and the favors she must've been owed – well, it boggles MY mind, and lemme tell you, that's no easy thing to do.”
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Hey Lyn, did you get my e-mail?

Anyway, Friday stuff literally following the last entry.

Favors )
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It's Friday in my time zone, I've several hours of such left, and an actually sizable chunk of fic!

Wow. I need to make myself a shadowrun icon or something. This one takes place between the last two cuts on this fic topic.

Friends don't let friends... something. )
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It.... just won't stop nibbling my ankles.... O_o Totally off the cuff, fragments of scenes that pester me at odd and non-useful times, and I make no promises of coherency. Relevant link.

NSFW bit: A 'close' familial relationship )

Surprising the boss (somewhat more SFW, but maybe not there) )

Anger, Vengeance, and Favors )

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