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"Hey, I have five spare minutes while Quindar is doing stuff, so I'll do a little archaeology."

Hepzibet has put a temporary hold on the Uldum search for the staff of a riding bug. It's gotten to the point where it's left even her feeling like this is a fool's errand (though she's still going to keep at it, just after a bit of a break). Earlier in the week, it was off to Northrend, where the Neruibians supposedly have neato stuff (and at least she's only found 1 nerubian and 1 vykrul thing, so why not? At least it's not more feathered raptor arms).

"Hey! Two minutes in, and I finally can get my 6-clawed cornice!"

And what pops up as Hepzibet's next neruibian project? The rare that turns you INTO a bug.

... the ONLY reason I am here in Northrend.

... irony, i hate you. You just want me to go back to trying to farm Uldum, don't you?
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I think that one of the reasons that when I get depressed, I don't take much care of my personal hygiene is due to the simple fact that there's too damn much time to think in the shower. The rest of this post goes downhill from here, though there's probably not going to be any more mention of my hygiene, so take that however you'd like.

WoW communities, art, writing, and a touch of philosophy )
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Jordin Sparks pisses me off. Woman has a beautiful voice, and ok, she's pretty to boot, but dammit, her songs are fairly nonsensical and highly repetitive without actual content, and why the hells does she think music videos which consist of her alternatively sitting looking at the camera or moving away from it in various dresses are interesting in the least??? ::snorts:: I love the sound of Battlefield (no link, 'cause I don't want to support her), and it could be made into some fun AMVs (Gundam Wing and Ronin Warriors in particular), BUT - ::sighs:: Soooo not nearly enough content. Meh. Waste of some decent talent there.

Ok, rant over. Back to writing.
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The last week has been rough.

I want to rant.

It's gonna be a long one )

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