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So I'm not sure who to blame for this. Probably my own deranged imagination, to be honest. So! Once upon a time, there was guild fic, called Diplomacy. Then [ profile] mel_redcap went and wrote a sequel: Melevil and Caleanon Play With Allies.

I kinda had to follow that up, you see. And thus we have The Problem with Drinking to Forget )
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So this elemental invasion event thing is... different. I find I'm kinda enjoying it, strangely enough )
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So.... I got back from a camping trip Tuesday. I have a lot of cleaning to do.

And in the shower I was thinking about how Mel just Does. Not. PVP. And then THIS happened. Apologies to Sozur for abusing his character a little. Mostly tongue in cheek, not considered to be canon. Though this IS kind of how I look at my alts sometimes.

Hey! It's Friday, and there be fic! whooo!

somewhere in Ashenvale.... )
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Holy shit. I mean, HOLY SHIT.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )


May. 20th, 2009 06:16 pm
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Today... has seen a surprising amount of effort come to fruition all at once.

First off, Mel made it to 73. Wheee! "Took long enough!"

Secondly, meet her new friend Buzz, barring a better name. I am quite open to suggestions, though "Fluffy" and "Scritches" have already been considered and discarded. I find that having a lackluster video card makes gaining the flying skill into an ironic victory, but a happy one nonetheless. Mind, I'm spending most of my time in Northrend, where I can't fly until 77 anyways, but still. It's the progress that counts.

More notably to me, Mel got the Titanium Seal of Dalaran, meaning my l337 fishing skills kick. Ass. That, and I've had plenty of spare time lately to sit and fish at the Dalarn fountain, but nonetheless. I'm still proud. Mind, the phat loot ain't so much, but the achievement.... ah, THAT'S something.
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One of those days where I'm just "house cleaning" the comp and shutting windows. So for your amusement (and 'cause I don't know what else to do with them):

Octopi are escape artists. Who'd'a thunk?

Conservatives take Colbert seriously. Um.... huh.

In other rantings: Yesterday Mel dinged 72. Wheee!

Happy birthday to the multiple folks I know who seem to be having birthdays right around now.
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Ding. Again. After years of being behind the curve, Mel finally hit 70.

My characters tend to level in packs, once I get the knack for something. I still find this a wee bit disturbing, but....

Damn, it feels good.
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Last note of progress: 38 last October.

Mel is 61, nearing 62, and I hate Outlands. It pays well, but I hate outlands crap. Just not sure what to do in "the old world". Moreover, need total of 400 odd gold in order to learn how to ride the mount I do have. 300 odd to go, and I already have more than I ever had before.

Odds look odd. Should maybe make a bank alt, so as to have bank space, so as to have bag space, so as to go a-dungeoning. That might make money. Only done deadmines and stockades, so there's options, at least, and they nerfed dungeons, right?


meh. if all else fails, there are alts. Oooooh yes, there are alts.

... just.... dammit...

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Ok, so I'm likely to post actual content one of these days, but not right now. Soon, though. Right now, I just wanna say I less than three some new icons. I may actually be at home, but nonetheless, these guys - who rock my socks - express the appropriate mood.

Amelorune, my current WoW main, is level 38 on Ysera, and I find that a mount may be: 1) in order, 2) possible only via fishing, 3) rather difficult to obtain, and 4) damned expensive. Because seriously, a human warrior who kicks ass mainly soloing should always be found romping around on an overgrown billy goat. Stupid reputation with muttergrumble dwarves. I'm guessing at least 2 months before the "Get Mel's Goat" fund is completed and actually useful.

And just to confuse everyone: heyas to Sozur/Yuna/etc. ::grins:: Who is the only person who'll prolly understand the grammer involved here.

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