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I'm ringing in the first post of the year with my slash icon.

....yuuuup. Ohkay.

Archive of Our Own has updated the Yuletide 2013 fic dump of awesomeness, and while I've been bookmarking like a madwoman, thought I'd mention a few favorites (mind, I'm still working my way through the Sleepy Hollow section, but for the moment here's what I got).

Four Things that Weren't Adequately Covered in Mulan's R.A. Training - Disney Princesses in college, with crack!
Neither Money Nor Praise - Sleepy Hollow meets Assassin's Creed 3. I had no idea I wanted to see a lengthy saga about this crossover, but now I totally do. And I haven't even seen more than about 20 minutes of AC1.
Matched Set - Ichabod Crane vs. Ikea - yes, just as wonderfully insane as it sounds.
Demeter's Anger - describes as Olympian Noir, in which Demeter kind of rules the world.

I have also only just now learned of the Ron is Dumbledore theory, and I am left to boggle at people, go "whut?" in a very flat tone of voice, and then hide under the futon.

Also I beat Brothers, and if you have not played that game go and take the 4 hours to do so and be prepared for the feels.
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Ok, so I've a ton to do today and FINALLY enough energy to hopefully get it done but a quick 2 minute thing inbetween stuff. Started reading the Mistborn series last week or so, and my kindle says I'm 51% through the 3rd book. I was, ah, just taking a few minutes where I couldn't really do much else of use, and - well.

Z.O.M.G. I just got something. And I daren't say a bedamned THING because oh holy COW so many spoilers but it explains so MUCH and *bounces* I really want to see how this book ends and it ties together sweetly and oh holy CARP who else has read this series because I want to squee at someone so BADLY right now-!

On the plus side, it's nice to have some energy again. And focus. Ability to focus is good.
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Today - well, don't ask me where I found this.*

I need to play Assassin's Creed one of these days.

* apparently based on All the Single Ladies instead - curse my lack of pop culture! Sorry!
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So. Finally. Back home.

Phew. The holiday - and moreover, the post holidays were brutal. Getting sick over Christmas, then a week in Philly where one of our lovely hosts had a concussion, not quite 2 weeks home, then off to Himself's family where there was (expected and planned for) open heart surgery (...not for me, since I can't tell how ambiguous that sounded), and then not so expected and planned for flu.

For the first time in my life, I was the one in the house who was Not Sick.

Dang, yo.

No wonder I want a vacation.

In the mean time, WoW continues to be my preferred method to deal with insanity and depression. My plushie fish is awesome and thanks to our concussed host, he is now also Even More Dapper with a top hat and cuffs ( some point there will be pictures).

And my latest music-to-be-played incessantly: Imagine Dragons Radioactive

No, this is not the official video - I don't like that one. (and the fish is not allowed to watch it - lord knows what ideas he'd get*).

*Look, some folks have kids, some have cats, I've a fish. So there.
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It's that time of year again, where the Yuletide folks come out with lovely lovely wonderful stuff for you to read.

My rec list is long this year. XD

In no particular order: amazing fic under the cut! )
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Still surprised at how many contradictory ways this talks to me.
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Why I Will Not Be Voting Republican For The Foreseeable Future, a blog post by a fascinating gentleman who has some beautifully articulate points. This is too amazing for me to not share.
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In case there's anyone on my friend's list who hasn't seen this, well, here you go.

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Oh, tumblr - STOP IT.

Otherwise known as why the internets and learning how to cook decently are dangerous hobbies for me.

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Ugh, need to respond to fun replies on the last post, but in the meantime:

Blast you, Tumblr! Makes me want to play Portal, and Okami (No! Bad Norcumi, the Wii is NOT good for the carpal tunnel!*), and cave like a huuuuuge goober and get the iTunes season wide thing for Korra** and -

Bleh. Back to Spackle! And packing! And then maybe painting! ogods, it's goin' down Friday, halllllp!

*not to mention requires visiting friends in Philly or buying Yet Another Game System, and just NO on the latter.
**Bolin the pageant child. Heh. XD Also blast YOU, Nickelodeon and iTunes, making that first hit free!
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Also, since this is my current "listen to on loop" working music, thought I'd share.

Er, spoilers for Harry Potter. HUUUUUGE ones. Prolly obvious, but just sayin'.
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..... Quindar has a spare project involving clocks and soldering right now. And he's sharing Interesting Things with me.

.... I want to learn how to solder without a blowtorch now, too.

and do metal work.

and write.

First world problems, yup.
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The Neighborhood.


Mar. 10th, 2012 11:15 pm
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THIS is a reason I should never go near Tumblr.

the one with all the lovely portal 2 art and AndroidWheatly/Chell smut is another, but let'snotgothere....

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