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Kharisa finally went and kicked Arthas in the teeth. Awww, yeah. She's finally feeling a bit... satisfied.

pointless details )

WoW - Art!

Apr. 2nd, 2011 04:27 pm
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No, not mine in the sense that I drew it, but mine in the sense that folks did it of my stuff. I've finally enough accumulated that I feel justified in squealing delightedly about it. ;)

cut )
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Picks up immediately after the last part. The whole piece is unpolished, and still doesn't feel quite done, but good gods I need to step away from this for a bit. This technically completes the first draft.

The Gnome Who Cried Wolf, part 2 )
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I can't recall the last time I sat down and wrote almost 5 pages in a day. That's the unformatted version, with no paragraph spaces and the like. [ profile] lynati_1, [ profile] haikujaguar, y'all are bad influences on me. -_-

So! There's not quite fic, but there's about 5 pages worth of Mass O' Writing, over use of dialogue and not nearly enough action, and I'm calling it a day. I'm not going to try to cram the last of this in so as to post on wow_fanart this week. This is still the unfinished, unpolished, haven't-gone-through-and-edited seriously-to-make-sure-it-works-rather-than-being-stuck-together-with-bubblegum-and-baling-wire version, though hopefully the final won't be too different. Oh, also, warnings for abuse of lore, which I suspect has very little to do with whatall I'm writing.

The Gnome Who Cried Wolf )
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So this elemental invasion event thing is... different. I find I'm kinda enjoying it, strangely enough )
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So.... I got back from a camping trip Tuesday. I have a lot of cleaning to do.

And in the shower I was thinking about how Mel just Does. Not. PVP. And then THIS happened. Apologies to Sozur for abusing his character a little. Mostly tongue in cheek, not considered to be canon. Though this IS kind of how I look at my alts sometimes.

Hey! It's Friday, and there be fic! whooo!

somewhere in Ashenvale.... )
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Kharisa wins.

*faceplant* Now let's never try doing that ever, EVER again. ::shakes a stick at all resident alts:: N. O. Not again.
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There's something to be said for ballsiness. I think I spelled that right. The slightly crazed "hey let's just try this and see whatall happens" approach.

Kharisa is 100 blossoms away from being a Flame Warden. Yes, she DID romp into all the horde capital cities and take their flames. Only died twice, too - Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar.

Waltzed in, solo, after spending 10 minutes in a... language language language... ill-formed raid wherein the leader and many many members kept asking where we get the quest for A Thief's Reward for the achievements (for those that don't know, or don't want to look it up, you get it by grabbing the flames from capital cities. No throw). After about 15 repetitions of the short version of "there is nothing to share!!!!", I wandered off. Right into Undercity. Walked in, stood right in front of a nice death knight and several other hordies who I didn't look at too closely, walked out, and giggled manically all the way to Silvermoon, where all I had to do was kill some city guards (not really unexpected). Holy. Shit.

So.... I'm just sayin'. When folks demand a raid, they sometimes are just screwing one up. Try it yourself and see what happens.

Should remember that in other arenas of my life.
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Pardon a moment for caps....


All three! Warsong, Eye of the Storm, AND Alterac!!! 2 hours give or take of working it, getting lots of random honor from queuing right before a battleground closes, and a week with every other random queue being Strand of the Stupids -


::does the WHOOOOA YEAH!!!! happy dance::
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Blarg. After two days of poking at random battlegrounds, I realize School of Hard Knocks is... highly unlikely to happen. I suspect I will not be getting my violet proto drake anytime soon.

Also? Duskwood? I love you as a zone, but the folks from that realm keep sucking. Cut it the hell out.
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So the browser crashed again. Not surprising, since that's my laptop's special way of saying "dude. TOO MANY TABS!!! *gasp* *wheeze*" Buuuuut this is why Session Manager is mah Friend!

Nonetheless. I shall take pity on the loyal machine, and close out a few tabs by admitting that The Project is just not gonna fly. Not right now, at least. So links )


Jan. 22nd, 2010 03:55 pm
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Two! TWO! ::dances around in stupidly gleeful little circles:: Two crits above 5k today! Ok, so I was buffed by a pally and a druid and Horn of Winter and Well Fed and all, but TWO! And that was before getting some awesome new gloves! EEEEEEEEeeeeee!!!!

It's not like I feel I can advertise in trade 5k dk lfg or whatthehellever some of those crazed folks do, but DAMN, does this make it feel good to play this game! (rule of random rewards, and all)

::sighs happily:: Now all I want to do is find that damned shaman who putzed around the first time I went through the Pit of Saron, dopeslap the bint a couple of times, and then slam on an "ignore." First off, this was someone who had NO idea how to group (in the middle of battle, RIGHT before a boss, when several folks are making their first run is NOT the time to yell "If he drops the shield it's mine no one else need it rawr rawr rawr" - or anything akin to that. BEFORE starting the dungeon is the time to ASK if anyone else needs it, here's the reason I desperately want it could I please o please have it, in which case people will probably not be jackasses and need whatever it is anyways. As I was tempted to do, though fortunately for my karma it didn't drop). Secondly, hurrying everyone though things, and agging when the tank isn't ready, is STUPID. Thirdly, that totally tosses some lovely storytelling out the window by hurrying everyone past the interesting cinematic bits where o hey, STUFF IS HAPPENING. Feh. Thank gods she's on another realm.

.... ok, so I guess that bugged me more than I thought it did. I'm still in a good mood and giggly and ready to CLEAN (and perhaps not use capslock so much) but anyways! EEEEEEeeeeeeee!
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It astounds me how much Kharisa's been... changing lately. It's an odd and subtle thing that I don't think other players would see or care about, and it is odd to me that someone who I've barely written but play constantly is developing in a true, literal fashion.

Let's take a look, shall we? )

Zoom zoom

Oct. 27th, 2009 07:53 am
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Exaulted rep: check!

Gryph of awesomeness: Check!

Super fast flying: Check... is... in the mail?

sigh. grind grind.

nonetheless. WHEEEEEEE!
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In no particular order:

full of ellipses )

Friday fic

Oct. 2nd, 2009 05:14 pm
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Holy carp, it's Friday, and I've writing for y'all! I'm not sure when I cranked most of this out - before the latest... writing efforts I've had. ;) That's the most definitive I've got. This is the actual Kharisa and events surrounding her death knight-ness. So... fic! From the literal beginning of said fic.

Thawing )
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So.... yeah. Guess what I did today.

Kharisa wins.

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