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Sep. 23rd, 2012 07:52 pm
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Soooooo... anyone out there play with calibre? Or other tools that might make paper book to ebook conversion a little less painful? Thoughts/opinions/advice?

Just... you know... out of curiosity's sake.

Dear self;

May. 22nd, 2012 05:16 pm
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Just because the nice man calling to get magazine* subscriptions ordered through Mothers Against Drunk Driving was polite and totally blown off his spiel when you asked how HE was doing, does not mean that when he tries to apply the "but don't you want to help out MADD?" stick, you should start lecturing him about how in Europe, the attitude towards drinking is totally different. Even if it was a nice lecture**, suggesting to the poor fella that the drinking age should be lowered or abolished so that there stops being a ridiculous taboo so people can learn from a young age to drink alcohol as responsibly as they drink water or Dr. Pepper was possibly too far.

Even if you are tired enough to think it was good fun. At least you kept it polite. Do better next time.***

Now. Back to cleaning.

*which I haven't bothered with since I was in my late teens
** and probably totally wrong or so generalized as to be useless and/or misinformation
*** and find out if that thing you less than half remember about MADD being corrupt or anti-something-or-another-that's-not-drinking is accurate. And it looks like it wasn't accurate, aside from "they're a huge bureaucracy with associated problems" things. Good. Glad I didn't go there, then.
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Why is it frikkin' impossible to get a decent therapist in this town? -_-;
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Um, Mel?

I'd sit here and pretend to look vaguely smug except for a huge freakin' grin and poke you and go "Seven. Hah." or something, but then you'd rise to the challenge and there's no way I'm doing anything other than just puttering for a good. long. time.

The armory is a little slow, but Vagabonds and Valliants now rocks just a little bit more.

The things I do for my guild. XD o sweet gods, i'm four of the unique contributors and 3 overlapping, this has gone waaaaaay past a hobby halp!
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So there I was, heading home from getting groceries. And I heard Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

And I thought man, this would make a nice Zuko centric amv.

WHY am I reading Avatar fic?

... and this means something is horrifically broken, too, doesn't it?

at least i didn't go look and see if such a thing exists....
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I need an icon for "Such a Bad Idea". Possibly featuring hradani. Hate sex between Yithar and Sharna with sex pollen influence as a possibility is silly and wrong and ringing just true enough for me to giggle way too manically. MAKE. IT. STOP.

Mel, Christy, your fans are doing bad things to my brain.

And I still have that other thing to write. Dammit. *crazed muppet flailing* Why do I have pr0ntastic ideas coming out my ears all of a sudden? helllllllp!

details )
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So Thursdays, I'm regularly meeting with m'new therapist, and today's theme... struck some interesting cords. Tossing it out there, even if it doesn't do more than mean I can stare at it more often.

"We all have to give up hope for a better past."

At some point, I've lots of responses to write, and fic to create and stuff to beta.... but right now, I just want to stare at this some more.
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I should really friends lock this or something - for that matter, there's no reason I should post it at all, but fuck it, I'm dealing with social fucking anxiety, maybe by being open that'll help. That's a theory, anyways. Feel free to ignore crazy ranty post.

cut for language, nigh incomprehensible ranting, and discussions of personal issues )
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Instructions: Beat mousse until thick.

Initiate Natasha accent: "Moose is always thick, unlike skvirrel. Skvirrel is intelligent, and actual foe. Moose is just dumb sidekick." *pretend glare at pretend Boris* "Ve do not like dumb sidekick, do ve?"
*pretend significant look at pretend Natasha* "No. Ve do not. Ow! Vy you hit me?"
"You so smart, you figure it out."

Proceed to put mousse into pie crust.
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It was then that she began to suspect that her uncle wasn't the only psychopath in the family. The truly terrifying part was that she wasn't much bothered by this - though that could be put down to being a psychopath.
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i wish i actually had the balls to do something about it. betcha i don't. fuck.
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Ok. So... yeah. Apologies to Dogmatix, since she asked for fic first, but gods help me I needed to get this out of my system.

So [ profile] karma_aster wanted Gargs and My Little Pony. Thus we have:

My Little Gargies, part 1 of 3 )

Then [ profile] lynati_1 wanted Ophelia crushing on Brooklyn and their first meeting. Thus we have

My Little Gargies, part 2 of 3 )

And then since [ profile] brooklynx wanted gargs as well, we end up with his gargs Chaos and Gadget in

My Little Gargies, part 3 of 3 )

I make no excuses, just some apologies. In my defense, it was only AFTER all this that I remembered once upon a time I'd seen - well, this. Advised that you wait to read the entry before clicking this last link, due to possible spoilers.
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Jed is like unbelievably high functioning. When Leo came to him, asked him to run, Leo saw a guy who wanted to speak up, to do things. What wasn't clear was the Barltet psychosis, the ability to make brick walls where there are none - the desperate effort to please the father that never would be, at the cost of almost anything. The drive, in a way, to fail.

Perhaps better put the drive to please leading to never sticking one's neck out, never being able to really push when the chips are down. Sure, Jed wanted to, but in the end, he'd always take the safe road, always pull back, never go as far as his vision let him see, because of that fear.

Leo didn't see that, couldn't see that. After all, who could? The family, maybe, but certainly not anyone who wasn't in close and/or constant contact with the man.

It's funny, how these things come out after awhile to those closest.


Aug. 11th, 2008 07:01 pm
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gods. i hate times like this. I'm up from my nap, and it's like my body is just sitting here going *cue dumb drunk/drugged surfer type voice* "duuude. this is like, the first sleep i've gotten in 24 hours. i'm like, soooo wasted. hehehe. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaasted." *fall over*

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The last week has been rough.

I want to rant.

It's gonna be a long one )


Jan. 1st, 2005 07:03 pm
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::flails:: Ok, so, I have mood altering substances/brain altering chemicals I need to take regularly. I also need to take them with almost religious regularity, and with enough food that I don't have stomach issues from the whole mess.

I can't find anything decent to settle on as a regular "aw hell, it's that time again, and I just want to eat enough to take care of this" staple. I've done Easy Mac and Oatmeal for starters, but let's face it: that's still not much food. And the zillion multiple packs approach doesn't work so well when I don't have the patience, not to mention the "gaaah. it's just MORE of this stuff?" factor.

So.... I think this isn't a calorie thing, so much as a having enough stuff in my stomach to absorb the meds. Does anyone have any reccomendations on what to eat?

Apologies for the randomness. Real updates later. And, you know, replies to everyone. -_-;;; Sorry for continuing to be an idiot.

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