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Day 15 Monday: 12 runs. No decent loot.

15 days for the event
173 total runs (first 11 characters, plus 1 that leveled sufficiently during the event, across 5 realms)

masks: 8
toxic wastelings: 7
useful necklaces: 2
heartbreaker: 4
forever lovely rose: 4
Perma Peddlefeet: 29

......because I had to do SOMETHING with all those holiday tokens!

....anyone want a creepy goblin cherub or 3?

And in result - Dear love rocket thing: Go step in a bin of legos. We are not doing this again next year.
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Day 11, Thursday: 12 runs, no goodies beyond holiday tokens. All I can say is:

Dear Healer,
All that time you spent eating floor? Um, yeah, this is why you want to wait for the tank to zone in before starting the event (and why the tank is usually the one to start it). I can understand problems, and I appreciate being thanked for the rez, but maybe you can check and see who's present before you rush along?
Frustrated, the monk

Dear DPS:
That was a fun fight, all around the courtyard. I'm glad we're all overgeared, since the tank was obviously having lag problems (or was a twerp, but given some of the issues I've had in the last few days, I'm guessing lag) and was standing at the entrance the whole. Dang. Fight. Stop starting the event without the tank.
No love, the shammie

Day 12, Friday: 12 kills. Pru got the holiday necklace, which to my surprise she needed, and Kharisa got another vile fumigator's mask. At least that sells for gold.

Day 13, Saturday: 12 kills. Another toxic wasteling. I haven't crunched these numbers, and collating them at the end of this experiment will be... interesting.

Day 14, Sunday: 12 kills. Another toxic wasteling, Hep now has a heartbreaker, and I've realized the mount is at least double what any of my characters have for holiday tokens.

I've a whole flock of Peddlefeet coming down the pike. GLEEP.

Maybe one more day of this, if I think I can get the timing down. Otherwise, lots and lots of creepy goblin cherub things. In the meantime, I'm calling it. No mount this year.
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Day 9, Tuesday: nothing to report other than 12 more attempts (… ok, + 1 extra the day before when someone leveled to 89).

Day 10, Wednesday: 12 down, Another DK with a forever lovely rose, Pru got a heartbreaker (... the gnome... that could be... interesting....), Hep got a mask, and there was another toxic wasteling.

Does anyone want some toxic wastelings?
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Day 7: somehow, another 11 kills. another fumigator's mask, and Xyv got another heartbreaker. O_o

Day 8: 11 kills, and the hunter is halfway to 89 which could lead to 12 (ARGH WHY AM I DOING THIS?). Another vile fumigator's mask, and another toxic wasteling. Funny how I stopped getting those after the last comment about 'em.

Realized at some point that some alts might have enough currency to get the pink strider mounts, so will be waiting until the last day to buy anything. Let's see how this goes!
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Day 4: 11 kills. Another vile fumigator's mask, my 89 DK got the tanking necklace (greed roll, but he's usually blood so YAY!) and my 4th toxic wasteling.

I'm going to have an entire landfill of these things by the end, aren't I.

Day 5: 11 kills. Sanji now has a forever lovely rose (clotheshorse will also not get rid of it)

Day 6: 11 kills! I think I'm getting this routine now. :D Mel's new forever lovely rose leaves her kinda disappointed (she'd like to wander around clenching it in her teeth, not tucked in her hair). A clothie got a vile fumigator's mask! (Tay won't use it, but nonetheless!) While I think I'm going to get almost all the days down (Sundays are always questionable with regards to time involved), I seriously doubt I'm getting this rocket. Ah well. We'll see.
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Day 2: all 11 through the dungeon, got a toxic wastling pet and another forever lovely rose – Kharisa being the packrat sentimentalist that she is, this means I'll be spending another bank space on random THING. I swear, I cannot wait for the toy box.

Am already kind of quite sick of this. Not sure how long this experiment will continue, but will try to keep it going, I think. Also realized I might be able to get EVERYONE to spend tickets on Peddlefeet, meaning I might be looking at 11 (at least!!!) more pets - I already have one, which I considered to be quite enough as it was. Won't be making any effort stretching to get enough, but if it happens -

I will be That Person with a 3 man Peddlefeet team on Non-Valentines holidays. Just because I can PvP like that, I think I shall have to. Note to self, make sure to run a Winter's Helpers 3 man team during the summer holiday.

Day 3: found myself going through the mental notes for what order to do things in, and my excuse was it was very early in the morning when I found myself thinking I should run the Outer Senshi first.

All three horde deathknights GLARED at me. Giggled manically, but it does strike me as more efficient. Also wondered if the level cut off is 89, or 88, since the not-quite-87 hunter might be able to squeak in some runs before the end of holiday.

Found out that VP no longer convert to JP when you hit the limit. VERY disappointed, and spent too long upgrading lots of Kharisa's gear, meaning if/when I finally hit LFR, it'll be even more tricksy gearing up. Yaye.

Results: All 11 down, another vile fumigator's mask (not a clothie), another toxic wasteling, and The Heartbreaker, which – cheeze, I don't even know. Xyvente keeps looking at her new toy funny.

As things stand, expect this to continue the next 11 days or so.
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So. It's that time of year again. Very little in WoW seems to convey the frustration, anger, and scarcity of happy results in festive events like the Valentine's Day mount. I find the irony delicious.

I also seem to be in a mood. Ysera holds 8 level 90s for me. I've 2 more on other servers, and there's an eager 89 DK working his way up the food chain (it's always death knights with me, though I've another hunter that just hit 86).

Day 1: 11 attempts for the mount. 1 fumigator's mask - not on a clothie, pity - and Kharisa capped her total valor, which hopefully means I'll be getting justice points in the near future, which is very good for the upgrading of account wide items. XD 1 respec of a death knight, since I AM NOT A TANK WHEN IT COMES TO GROUPS THANKYOUVERYMUCH and I don't know how to frost (why did I take that as an alternative spec?!).

We'll see how tomorrow goes. At a quote of .03% drop rate, I doubt that will matter, but let's see what happens!!


Dec. 19th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Dear Brain:

I don't care that you've latched on to Demons as absolutely perfect for possibly post-apocalyptic Grim-and-spoilers-stuff smut with Fem!Mage - STOP IT. You've promised Christmas writing to several lovely people which at the minimum you need to deal with first.

And taking the magically-animate objects that would otherwise be inanimate and finding ways to pair them with the main character is still not polite and couldn't be posted in the PG(13ish) forum anyways, so... just stop.

Really. I mean it this time.
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....there's nothing quite like your body deciding that nooooope, you're stayin' UP tonight, especially after a few nights in a row of crazy unreliable schedule, and then doing spontaneous Cooking Projects/Experiments at ungodly in the morning (at least it was when I started) because it's there, and you're there, and if you just do this one little cooking thing that makes later so much easier but since we did that how 'bout MORE and suddenly your body kinda decides it's not going to be vertical anymore, lying down is a GOOD thing and one might even perhaps say necessary but first you just need to wrap up with One. More. Thing -

I'ma getting a nap now. Real post some time later. Hopefully.
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So, since a comment showed up the other day, I've been thinking on it, and I figure I just ought to come clean.

I really, really don't like The Princess Bride. Yell at me all you want, here's why I think it's lousy. )

Aug. 24th, 2012 03:05 pm
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As of Tuesday, I will have no idea how to play this game.

Loremaster this weekend. Urg.
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Ugh, need to respond to fun replies on the last post, but in the meantime:

Blast you, Tumblr! Makes me want to play Portal, and Okami (No! Bad Norcumi, the Wii is NOT good for the carpal tunnel!*), and cave like a huuuuuge goober and get the iTunes season wide thing for Korra** and -

Bleh. Back to Spackle! And packing! And then maybe painting! ogods, it's goin' down Friday, halllllp!

*not to mention requires visiting friends in Philly or buying Yet Another Game System, and just NO on the latter.
**Bolin the pageant child. Heh. XD Also blast YOU, Nickelodeon and iTunes, making that first hit free!
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.....Kickstarter is not the answer to every interesting question.

F'r instance, setting something like that up to make Gargles shirts again, or the toothbrushes --

That's just the nuttiness getting to me. Right?


I'm serious, this is quantifiably A Bad Idea, right?
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..... Quindar has a spare project involving clocks and soldering right now. And he's sharing Interesting Things with me.

.... I want to learn how to solder without a blowtorch now, too.

and do metal work.

and write.

First world problems, yup.
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Um, Mel?

I'd sit here and pretend to look vaguely smug except for a huge freakin' grin and poke you and go "Seven. Hah." or something, but then you'd rise to the challenge and there's no way I'm doing anything other than just puttering for a good. long. time.

The armory is a little slow, but Vagabonds and Valliants now rocks just a little bit more.

The things I do for my guild. XD o sweet gods, i'm four of the unique contributors and 3 overlapping, this has gone waaaaaay past a hobby halp!
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Getting dinner at Chipotle

"No sauce, just cheese and lettuce and... can I get my..." *not avocados, it's not just avocados, what's the damn green stuff come on self you KNOW this!* "Guatemala on the side?" *server who clearly doesn't give any kind of a damn, ever, immediately scoops green stuff into a cup* "Thanks!"

40 odd seconds later, I have a o_o* moment and turn to Quindar.

"Did I just say guacamole or Guatemala?"

*restrained snickerfit from Quindar*

.... -_-;


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