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Also, since this is my current "listen to on loop" working music, thought I'd share.

Er, spoilers for Harry Potter. HUUUUUGE ones. Prolly obvious, but just sayin'.
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Harry Potter AU, first of 7 (all completed, thank gods). Rich, and well done, and painful for me to read for reasons not worth going into, though I'll point out I'm on book 3 and intend to read 'em all. Good stuff so far.


Jun. 18th, 2010 02:29 pm
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Under the pretense of sanity, to get in a post this week, and to close a window: a link.

Harry Potter meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer - and WORKS.
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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Take Harry Potter ( really might want to have read the actual books first). Make Harry a genius little 10 year old, who is TOTALLY scientifically logical and reasonable. And for the love of gods, do not be drinking while you read it.

Mind, I'm only through chapter 5, but gods above, I'm stuck. Wheeee, heart chapter 5 so much!

AND the author is a Feynman fan. I am happy.

EDIT: pretty important here. Um... Chapter 7 has some... things that might Cause Issues with folks. Adult topics (not too unknown in this fandom) - but it says something that it's taken me a bit to get my head around the fact that the author no, really did mean some thing. So if there are things one is not comfortable reading, check his info page first for the warnings. Gleep.
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Oh godsdammit. There are, apparently, some things I Just Should Not Do.

One of them is reading good source material, and reading related bad fanfic.

Yeah, I got me a Harry Potter plot bunny.

cut for sanity's sake, and spoiler central )

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