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Spread the word: The Gathering is back.

Just... different.

CONvergence is having a theme of Midsummer's Night Dream next year, around July 4th, and they are specifically having a mini-con-part-of-the-larger-con dedicated to Gargoyles.

Registration is cheaper before Jan. 1.


Twin Cities are lovely that time of year.

edit: My fandom is 20 next year. Sweet gods and little green apples. o_o
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.....Kickstarter is not the answer to every interesting question.

F'r instance, setting something like that up to make Gargles shirts again, or the toothbrushes --

That's just the nuttiness getting to me. Right?


I'm serious, this is quantifiably A Bad Idea, right?
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So this weekend, Quindar and I went to Ohio LinuxFest. It was more for him than me, since I really don't even quite know enough Linux stuff to do more than get myself into a lot of trouble. There was one panel I really did want to go to: Level-up with Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Turn Your Life Into a Data-driven Video Game with FOSS. It sounded interesting.

Cut for length and ranting about Gargoyles and past conventions )


Jul. 9th, 2010 03:57 am
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Huh. Lord Marbury is Prince Malcolm.

I feel I should have known that.
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Ok. So... yeah. Apologies to Dogmatix, since she asked for fic first, but gods help me I needed to get this out of my system.

So [ profile] karma_aster wanted Gargs and My Little Pony. Thus we have:

My Little Gargies, part 1 of 3 )

Then [ profile] lynati_1 wanted Ophelia crushing on Brooklyn and their first meeting. Thus we have

My Little Gargies, part 2 of 3 )

And then since [ profile] brooklynx wanted gargs as well, we end up with his gargs Chaos and Gadget in

My Little Gargies, part 3 of 3 )

I make no excuses, just some apologies. In my defense, it was only AFTER all this that I remembered once upon a time I'd seen - well, this. Advised that you wait to read the entry before clicking this last link, due to possible spoilers.


Aug. 1st, 2008 09:56 pm
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A bit of a token entry for the Friday thing. An Atlantis-Garg thing called "At Last". Because I'm like that, that's why.
* * *
"Joshua! Why, I haven't seen you in ages!"

The voice rang throughout the hallways, and as Phil Denton, head of Nightstone UTD Research strode forward, it was clear his target was the huge black man trying to duck down out of sight and into the women's bathroom.

With everyone staring at him, including a rather puzzled secretary who was now standing in the bathroom's doorway, the tall man sighed and stood, fixing an overly large grin on his face. "Phil, how are you?" he mostly sighed, the resigned tone clear but not obscuring at least some warmth in his voice.

* * *

Yes, that's all. I still think it's a great idea, even if it is a one shot.
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Since I wasn't doin' it last Friday, here's my Friday ficbit thingy a bit early. And I actually used this as as reason to FINISH something - how nutty is that?

This was once upon a time going to be my entry into the Phoenix Gate anthology, but I couldn't find an ending for it. I did when looking at this and realizing that this being time travel, it's perfectly ok and thematic to be trippy. At least, that's what I told myself. I think. Mostly, it was an excuse to play merry hell with verb tenses.
Time and Space )
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For the first time since 2000, I'm not going to a Gathering. There are lots of reasons for this, and I keep reminding myself that I am in fact an adult that made a decision, dammit, and "tradition" is not normally a good reason to do or not do anything.

Damned if it doesn't feel weird, though.

To those goin': Have a good time, and hope you enjoy it!
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None of the following is canon. It is Gargoyles/West Wing.

Yes, you heard that right.

Huggles and warm fuzzies to Quindar, who inspired this.

Apologies for the bad script format.

It's all about the roving bands of parking ticket thieves )
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So, anyone recall that snippet I wrote a while ago, with Steve giggling over things I've discovered at work?

He's at it again. This is vaguely chronologically after the first one, and I'm trying to keep with that timing. All comments welcome.

This one is for Shale, because I do think she needs a hug.

Beets! )

This one brought to you by the obvious. Also by dropping some beet juice on my nice new running shoes, so I now have light pink shoes.

Sadly enough, I've got a ton of these. Ficbits, not shoes. ;)
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Gods. Help. Me. Steve is taking over my brain.

Snippet for y'all. No idea if it's canon or not, don't care, it starts to purge the insanity Steve picks up from work (I swear to god!) and then makes him giggle for hours in my head until he's got a whole damned ficbit going.

Sadly enough, there will be more coming.
Music? )

Brought to you by a coworker's taste in... "music" and of course the lady herself, Spike. This song broke my brain the first time I heard it. And I swear, if the coworker in question doesn't stop taking control of the radio, I WILL be bringing in a CD of Phantom of the Opera. Or if worse comes to worst: Rent.

"I believe that, sodomy, is between God and me, here's to S and M! La Vie Boheme!"



Sep. 25th, 2004 03:16 pm
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While making sure I'm spelling Sevarius' name right, I ended up absently wandering to imdb to see who John Canmore's voice actor was (as in, "la la la bored ooo, name I don't recognize, what else has he done?"). Well, I saw at least one show he did a one shot on.

He was a camera man for a TV show in one episode of The Sentinel.

Good. Gods. The fandoms already crossed!!!! AAAAHHHHH! ::runs around giggling like mad and pondering what warped fic could be made out of this, because by gods it now has to!!!::


Jul. 21st, 2004 05:25 pm
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So, I was wearing my 2001 Gathering shirt today (need to do laundry soon). I stopped in at a corner store to pick up some things, and when the little old lady finally finished getting her purchases off the counter, I turned to compliment the cashier on being so nice and cheerful despite rampant stupidity.

Instead, she took one look at me, and burst out "Gargoyles! Eee!" I spent the entire time of checkout mentioning the DVD, this year's con, next year's, and the site. On the way out, the woman who had been waiting in line behind me leaned around, and asked what was this about gargoyles? Rinse and repeat, and who knows?

I love it when people recognize the shirt. :)

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