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I can't recall the last time I sat down and wrote almost 5 pages in a day. That's the unformatted version, with no paragraph spaces and the like. [ profile] lynati_1, [ profile] haikujaguar, y'all are bad influences on me. -_-

So! There's not quite fic, but there's about 5 pages worth of Mass O' Writing, over use of dialogue and not nearly enough action, and I'm calling it a day. I'm not going to try to cram the last of this in so as to post on wow_fanart this week. This is still the unfinished, unpolished, haven't-gone-through-and-edited seriously-to-make-sure-it-works-rather-than-being-stuck-together-with-bubblegum-and-baling-wire version, though hopefully the final won't be too different. Oh, also, warnings for abuse of lore, which I suspect has very little to do with whatall I'm writing.

The Gnome Who Cried Wolf )
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It's Friday, so heaven help me I'm posting something that's been kicking around on my computer for awhile. I know how the story goes, for the most part, so it's agonizingly slow to get on the page, and none of it reads right to me. It sounds so damn stilted and off. I also cannot for the life of me figure out what to call the damn thing. Based upon characters I play with [ profile] lynati and [ profile] quindarprime, though they get passing mention at best.

WoW fic without title, no warnings save perhaps language )
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Oh yeah, yesterday was Friday, wasn't it?

Totally in a vacuum except where the plot's fairly well filled out in my head.
Poor confused Belfy (language warning) )

Friday fic

Oct. 2nd, 2009 05:14 pm
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Holy carp, it's Friday, and I've writing for y'all! I'm not sure when I cranked most of this out - before the latest... writing efforts I've had. ;) That's the most definitive I've got. This is the actual Kharisa and events surrounding her death knight-ness. So... fic! From the literal beginning of said fic.

Thawing )


Nov. 14th, 2008 04:14 pm
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Holy Exposition, Batman! )
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It's Friday again. And gods help me, I've got more Shadowrun stuff. We're back to the NSFW stuff. This is... hurm. Actually this is the furthest along of the post-Rebellion fic, so it takes place after "Favors", though how much later I'm not sure.

Also? I'm thinking of calling the fic as a whole "Revolution," but nothing concrete on that yet. Input, as always, is gleefully appreciated.

He's not like that.... (NSFW) )
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Hey Lyn, did you get my e-mail?

Anyway, Friday stuff literally following the last entry.

Favors )
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It's Friday in my time zone, I've several hours of such left, and an actually sizable chunk of fic!

Wow. I need to make myself a shadowrun icon or something. This one takes place between the last two cuts on this fic topic.

Friends don't let friends... something. )
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HaH! Still sick, and ficbitness!

Azeroth Voices: Kythrall and Kythrull )


Aug. 1st, 2008 09:56 pm
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A bit of a token entry for the Friday thing. An Atlantis-Garg thing called "At Last". Because I'm like that, that's why.
* * *
"Joshua! Why, I haven't seen you in ages!"

The voice rang throughout the hallways, and as Phil Denton, head of Nightstone UTD Research strode forward, it was clear his target was the huge black man trying to duck down out of sight and into the women's bathroom.

With everyone staring at him, including a rather puzzled secretary who was now standing in the bathroom's doorway, the tall man sighed and stood, fixing an overly large grin on his face. "Phil, how are you?" he mostly sighed, the resigned tone clear but not obscuring at least some warmth in his voice.

* * *

Yes, that's all. I still think it's a great idea, even if it is a one shot.
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So for a lot of reasons (including one that makes me swear rather a lot), I don't want to fight with fic today. Instead, I'm doing a bit of Warcraftian commentary.

It has baffled me for the longest time as to why so many paladins have engineering. And then, today, I realized it's 'cause it gives them a ranged weapon that they don't have otherwise.

.... I feel dumb that it's taken this long to realize this.

[ profile] quindarprime and I have a whole bunch of characters running around that we play in groups - it occurs to me that a fun challenge for folks that do that sort of thing would be a set of paladins, one a skinner engineer, one a miner engineer. Talents might be fun to match (Retribution), or go speccing 1 Holy and 1 Protection (though let's face it, with the Retribution talent Persuit of Justice, why anyone would go OTHER than that tree is beyond me).
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Since I wasn't doin' it last Friday, here's my Friday ficbit thingy a bit early. And I actually used this as as reason to FINISH something - how nutty is that?

This was once upon a time going to be my entry into the Phoenix Gate anthology, but I couldn't find an ending for it. I did when looking at this and realizing that this being time travel, it's perfectly ok and thematic to be trippy. At least, that's what I told myself. I think. Mostly, it was an excuse to play merry hell with verb tenses.
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