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I was a little surprised when this weekend I was in the mood to make the mint brownies we have a lovely recipe for - it's a bit of an afternoon project - and moreover that I hadn't posted it yet. So! Tastiness underneath the cut!

Mint Brownies! )
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....there's nothing quite like your body deciding that nooooope, you're stayin' UP tonight, especially after a few nights in a row of crazy unreliable schedule, and then doing spontaneous Cooking Projects/Experiments at ungodly in the morning (at least it was when I started) because it's there, and you're there, and if you just do this one little cooking thing that makes later so much easier but since we did that how 'bout MORE and suddenly your body kinda decides it's not going to be vertical anymore, lying down is a GOOD thing and one might even perhaps say necessary but first you just need to wrap up with One. More. Thing -

I'ma getting a nap now. Real post some time later. Hopefully.
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Weekends are busy for me, so here's 2 recipes for you. Brought to you from McCormick, and while you might be able to find these spice packets yourself (cooking aisle!), you don't NEED to.

Asian Sesame Salmon )

Mediterranean Herb Crusted Tilapia )
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Oh, tumblr - STOP IT.

Otherwise known as why the internets and learning how to cook decently are dangerous hobbies for me.

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In the 'Oh-that-CAN'T-be-good-for-you-so-of-course-it's-incredibly-tasty' department.... )

Also, I apparently have some blue dragon-y things I can give out. Any takers? XD Dragons are all gone, hope everyone who wanted one got one!
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Out of the things I've noticed about all the traveling recently, several stand out. One, I'm not posting as regularly as I'd like. Two, I keep wanting to offer to make food or something, and my recipes are in Pittsburgh and I'm not. So I'm combining those two, and starting somewhat regular postings with some of the foods I like to make. It'll be cut, but at least this way I'll make sure I have access to these things even when I'm not at home. :) Hopefully, someone else out there might enjoy them too!

Banana Nut Bread, which around here is most often just banana bread )
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Why yes, I do live. Kinda. With lots of depression and crap.

But! I want to get back in the swing of things, so to start off, I made food! New recipe for those who are into that kinda thing, and while I stole the ricotta thing from a lasagna box, the rest of this is all mine!

Sorry, no Worcestershire )
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Instructions: Beat mousse until thick.

Initiate Natasha accent: "Moose is always thick, unlike skvirrel. Skvirrel is intelligent, and actual foe. Moose is just dumb sidekick." *pretend glare at pretend Boris* "Ve do not like dumb sidekick, do ve?"
*pretend significant look at pretend Natasha* "No. Ve do not. Ow! Vy you hit me?"
"You so smart, you figure it out."

Proceed to put mousse into pie crust.
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Chicken with sauce, as copied down straight from the recipe. )


Aug. 24th, 2007 05:33 pm
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CMU types! Make sure that when Monday rolls around and you go to buy food on campus, either you have your ID card on your person, or that you can latch on to someone who does.

Why? Good question. 'Cause the powers that be at CMU have come to the conclusion that if you have an ID card, then you are hangin' around campus on school business. If you come buy food on school business, it's tax free. If you don't have an ID card or can claim that you're with a buddy who has one, then yes, you do have to pay extra, as compared to today.

Welcome back to school.

(this message is probably a first draft, but I'd like to get word out now, thankyouverymuch. Feel free to ask questions and/or spread the word)

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