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It's that time of year again, where the Yuletide folks come out with lovely lovely wonderful stuff for you to read.

My rec list is long this year. XD

In no particular order: amazing fic under the cut! )
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Every year I lurk around waiting like an impatient goober to see what The Yuletide obscure fanfic gift exchange produces. I dig through random fandoms, some of which I barely know, just to see what goodies appear this year.

This year, I'm also sharing some of the ones I liked the best.

Here we go! )
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I cannot seem to get over Chapter 32 of Demon of Justice (admittedly some of that comes from rereading That Scene over and over and frikkin' OVER again to get the right tone for this bit o' smut). Now, I'm going to be honest. I get brotherly vibes from Bahzell and Brandark, not smutty ones at all. The slashy sentiments in the comments of DoJ confuse me, and that of course led me to wonder under what circumstances could smut happen.

Many thanks to [ profile] hime_no_nishi for the plot prompt that finally made the plot here work for me. Also, a tip of the hat to [ profile] joisbishmyoga for being the first one (er, that I saw) to propose... well, a spoilery concept that I totally snagged for the purposes of this fic. Lastly, huge thank yous to [ profile] dogmatix_san for her assistance with some of the, er, technical bits!

HOWEVER. I cannot emphasize enough This is not DoJ canon compliant! I am not Mel, I am not Christy, I am not even a sock puppet! The following fic is SPECULATION, and totally speculation on my part as to how this fantastic, wonderful saga could go. Ya know, down another trouser leg over thattaway.

I haven't asked, but I doubt this is how things will go. And I'm ok with that. I had a creativity daemon gnawing on my ankle, so I wrote it. So with those caveats in mind, I present to you Brandark/Bahzell smut, with a nice dish of angst and plot on the side.

The Native Hue of Resolution )
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So I'm not sure who to blame for this. Probably my own deranged imagination, to be honest. So! Once upon a time, there was guild fic, called Diplomacy. Then [ profile] mel_redcap went and wrote a sequel: Melevil and Caleanon Play With Allies.

I kinda had to follow that up, you see. And thus we have The Problem with Drinking to Forget )
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Harry Potter AU, first of 7 (all completed, thank gods). Rich, and well done, and painful for me to read for reasons not worth going into, though I'll point out I'm on book 3 and intend to read 'em all. Good stuff so far.

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