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A basic primer for those new to the madness, and those who want a refresher on all the things we've got going on! Known universes (...or as many as I can get in one sitting), and details as have been released into the wild! :D Will be updated as things get out there, and I remember. ^_^ Listed ships are as known to the public as of this time. Spoilers are possible, but trying to keep it to as minimum as you would get from the tags. In no particular order.

Overview: We (myself and Dogmatix) mostly write in the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars eras, with minor forays into the Original Trilogy and very little to do with Rebels (neither of us have really seen it). We're mad about clones, and I ship Rex and Obi-Wan like whoa. I'm open to pretty much anything, but I've a HUGE weakness for my favorite pair. Obi/Qui, and Anakin/Padme are also common

Balance: Obi-Wan dies on Naboo, not Qui-Gon. Distraught by his padawan's death, Qui-Gon falls and uses the Dark side to kill Maul, and then he leaves the Jedi Order. He is Dark, and he goes searching for the greater Darkness in the galaxy -- and the Sith Master who is responsible for Obi-Wan's death. Tumbl tag: on Balance eating my brain. Ships: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, mostly unrequited.

AWOL: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Desperately want to write this NOW. Tumbl tag: AWOL

Unintended Consequences
: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Started it anyways. Rex and Obi-Wan hook up after Christophsis, and start building a relationship in the middle of the war. Tumbl tag: unintended consequences. Ships: Obi/Rex.

Green Squad: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: green squad

Chibi!Verse: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: chibi!verse

Lady of the Suns: When Qui-Gon takes Anakin from Tatooine, he gets attacked by Maul -- and the Jedi get a helping hand. Then things get REALLY complicated. Tumbl tag: lady of the suns

Through a Mirror Darkly: Taking the Jedi Apprentice series in a whole new direction. Tumbl tag: SithVerse. Ships: nothing current

Star to Steer By: Star Wars crossed with Stargate SG-1. Yes, I know that shouldn't work. Dogmatix is brilliant and found a way. Tumbl tag: star to steer by and star to steer by headcanon. Ships: Anakin/Padme/Fives ('s...less odd in context ^_^ ) Supplemental fic

Blackest Circle: Mustafar goes differently. Dark!Obi-Wan, Dark!Anakin. (With Flamethrower! :D) Tumbl tag: blackest circle. Ships: Anakin/Padme

Ghosts of 66: a so far unconnected set of stories of clones and their Generals. As it says on the tin. Tumbl tag: ghosts of 66. Ships: Anakin/Padme, Obi/Ace!Rex if you squint, but you really have to be looking for it.

Modern Dance: (...definitely needs a decent name by the time it goes to print) A SW modern AU. Rex is a cop. Obi-Wan is the private eye he has to arrest for perving at a dance club -- even if it WAS for the investigation. Things only get murkier from there. Noir, paranormal weirdness, and who knows what else will turn up. Tumbl tag: moderndanceAU. Ships: Obi/Rex (A LOT). Anakin/Padme.

Unmasked: On the back burner. It involves a lot of masks. Tumbl tag: unmasked. Ships: Obi-Wan/Cody

Hard Reset: Darth Vader, with classic Hollywood amnesia. Add angst and Flamethrower (<3). Tumbl tag: amnesia vader. Ships: Anakin/Padme

Analemma Overlay: so many pre-requisites. Not there yet. Tumbl tag: analemma overlay

Nightsisters: During Anakin's Trial of Solitude, things go horribly awry. Genderbending, trans characters, femslash, and all sorts of interesting things we don't get to work with nearly often enough. Tumbl tag: nightsisters and nightsisters AU. Ships: none yet

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