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So... Every November I look around, wince, and try to ignore all these people doing that Writing Thing.

I also need to point out that the first two weeks of this month are absolutely insane for me schedule wise.

And yet.

Just for giggles, any time this month, as many times as you'd like, feel free to comment on this post and poke me. Provide a prompt if the whim hits you. Name a pairing. Demand pr0n. Ask for a silly giggly little thing. Wonder out loud what the hell ever happened to that thing I was talking about that one time*.

I'll try to write something for/about/maybe vaguely in the neighborhood of your prompt, and we'll see what happens. I might not get to anything, it might be months before I look at it, or I might grow some fortitude and do a word count that makes me happy at the end of the month. I dunno.

I need to push myself more. And maybe this will do something about that. And if not, maybe it will amuse some of you.

* Being specific helps.
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So there I was, heading home from getting groceries. And I heard Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

And I thought man, this would make a nice Zuko centric amv.

WHY am I reading Avatar fic?

... and this means something is horrifically broken, too, doesn't it?

at least i didn't go look and see if such a thing exists....
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No. Bad daemons! ::pulls out some rolled up newspaper:: I do not need to roll up a blood elf hunter, name him Skywise, and start grinding my way through Warsong Gulch battlegrounds so that when I hit 30, I can buy a wolf from the orcs, making sure to style my wolf pet after said mount. No, no, no. There is no need, and purpose to this, other than it makes me giggle manically.

Stupid easily amused sense of humor *muttergrumble*

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