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I was a little surprised when this weekend I was in the mood to make the mint brownies we have a lovely recipe for - it's a bit of an afternoon project - and moreover that I hadn't posted it yet. So! Tastiness underneath the cut!

Mint Brownies! )
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Ok, so I've a ton to do today and FINALLY enough energy to hopefully get it done but a quick 2 minute thing inbetween stuff. Started reading the Mistborn series last week or so, and my kindle says I'm 51% through the 3rd book. I was, ah, just taking a few minutes where I couldn't really do much else of use, and - well.

Z.O.M.G. I just got something. And I daren't say a bedamned THING because oh holy COW so many spoilers but it explains so MUCH and *bounces* I really want to see how this book ends and it ties together sweetly and oh holy CARP who else has read this series because I want to squee at someone so BADLY right now-!

On the plus side, it's nice to have some energy again. And focus. Ability to focus is good.
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Spread the word: The Gathering is back.

Just... different.

CONvergence is having a theme of Midsummer's Night Dream next year, around July 4th, and they are specifically having a mini-con-part-of-the-larger-con dedicated to Gargoyles.

Registration is cheaper before Jan. 1.


Twin Cities are lovely that time of year.

edit: My fandom is 20 next year. Sweet gods and little green apples. o_o
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Bleh. Real Life. Working on a real update, but not there yet.

So, for Christmas/Brithday, I got me a new smart phone. It's got bells and whistles and capacity to play games.

I've.... been REALLY enjoying Spellstorm.

If you hang out here much, you ought to know what this means. Five minutes here and there to tap a loot pinata, ridiculous cheese with a nice side of plot, and some of the most gorgeous art you could ask for, a good deal by the talented RealLurial (that's how I found it!). Fanfic is inevitable.

And all I can really spare is 5 minutes here and there, aside from when I'm exhausted but unable to really crash the way I want or need to.

And yet, those damned creativity daemons. There was - still is, in all technicality - an event recently, and I want a denouement. That doesn't really work in this format, which means my brain is overflowing with ideas. In my other spare moments - and a lot when I'm trying to wind down at ungodly in the morning - I've been putting down bits and pieces of the epilogue I want.

Today, RealLurial posted art of a character involved in this mess. Now, I am happy to have art of Mr. Hotness that I can save and drool over, but if you go and look at the angry face there?

First time I saw it was about an hour ago.

I wrote that angry face into my epilogue over a day ago.

That's it; I'm hooked. You will pry this game out of my cold dead hands. Gettin' it right like that is just too sweet.
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....there's nothing quite like your body deciding that nooooope, you're stayin' UP tonight, especially after a few nights in a row of crazy unreliable schedule, and then doing spontaneous Cooking Projects/Experiments at ungodly in the morning (at least it was when I started) because it's there, and you're there, and if you just do this one little cooking thing that makes later so much easier but since we did that how 'bout MORE and suddenly your body kinda decides it's not going to be vertical anymore, lying down is a GOOD thing and one might even perhaps say necessary but first you just need to wrap up with One. More. Thing -

I'ma getting a nap now. Real post some time later. Hopefully.
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Today - well, don't ask me where I found this.*

I need to play Assassin's Creed one of these days.

* apparently based on All the Single Ladies instead - curse my lack of pop culture! Sorry!
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Dear many things )
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So. Finally. Back home.

Phew. The holiday - and moreover, the post holidays were brutal. Getting sick over Christmas, then a week in Philly where one of our lovely hosts had a concussion, not quite 2 weeks home, then off to Himself's family where there was (expected and planned for) open heart surgery (...not for me, since I can't tell how ambiguous that sounded), and then not so expected and planned for flu.

For the first time in my life, I was the one in the house who was Not Sick.

Dang, yo.

No wonder I want a vacation.

In the mean time, WoW continues to be my preferred method to deal with insanity and depression. My plushie fish is awesome and thanks to our concussed host, he is now also Even More Dapper with a top hat and cuffs ( some point there will be pictures).

And my latest music-to-be-played incessantly: Imagine Dragons Radioactive

No, this is not the official video - I don't like that one. (and the fish is not allowed to watch it - lord knows what ideas he'd get*).

*Look, some folks have kids, some have cats, I've a fish. So there.
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It's that time of year again, where the Yuletide folks come out with lovely lovely wonderful stuff for you to read.

My rec list is long this year. XD

In no particular order: amazing fic under the cut! )


Dec. 23rd, 2012 05:06 pm
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A bad day: no comment.

A good day: finding out Coyo has spammed new fic.

...huh. That really DOES make many things better!
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Meh. November kicks my ass.

On the plus side, all that time not spent in bed means I can do things like solo 10 man Onyxia.

Nerfed or no, I still feel pretty badass.

Here's hoping the next month is less depression ridden and more productive, with more consistent rest.
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So. I think we first off need a warning: this post will deal with death, suicide, depression, and bullying.

Still here? Ok. Here goes!

My facebook feed brought up an obituary this morning.

I remember Kristy Quarto. We were in classes together in middle and high school, and we went to the same elementary school. It was strange to read this obituary. It doesn't mention her arrogance. It didn't mention how she plagiarized poetry from the internet to be one of the winners in a contest memorializing two kids who'd died in a car accident at our high school - and then went on to win some popularity contest from the local Italian community not two weeks later. It didn't mention how she had the particular curse of so many bright kids; that she needed to tear down others in order to build herself up. She was catty and a bully - I can't speak for anyone else, but she certainly tried to make my middle school days as hellish as possible.

It troubles me what else isn't mentioned. I have never understood why obituaries are overly infused with Thesaurusisms, flowery prose overwhelming any content.

I have no idea what she died from. I suppose many people have this ridiculous phobia of admitting suicide, so that's what I kind of automatically assume is going on when no cause of death is listed. Perhaps there was some unseemly incident involving recreational use of pharmaceuticals, perhaps there's some small town mentality going on where the death itself is ignored in favor of lauding a person's life.

I wish people were more modern with this sort of thing: who this person was, what was important to them, how they died, and who is left behind. None of this flowery tripe about "finally succumbing to" or "has lost the battle against" -- Life is a sexually transmitted disease, and diagnosis is eventually fatal. Let's enjoy what we can while we can, or at least that's how I try to look at it when depression isn't eating me.

I hope she died well, whatever that means to her. I'm not glad she's dead, no matter how she was then. I'm glad I haven't run into her since graduating, since it means I can pretend she did indeed go on, and live a good life, and turn around from what she was and how she approached things.

May we all live up to our obituaries.


Nov. 24th, 2012 07:51 pm
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I need a t-shirt or a button or something.


should not this irked. argh.
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So, I'm sure most everyone has heard the news by now. I was driving by a Hostess place today, by sheer chance, and I almost turned in and got a memorial twinkie.

I have a strange relationship with Hostess.

Meme was Dad's mother - a Southe'n Lady - at least that was the image she projected. I remember staying with her as a child, and those were always FUN weekends. She lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment in a complex for elderly folks (again, I think - as a little kid, many of these details escaped me). She'd often let me paint, and then we'd hang the results on her fridge, and she'd watch her soaps - I could never follow them, and didn't really try. I just sat there and enjoyed Teh Drama! She had a fascinating brown half shag half felt pillow that vibrated when you sat on it - I can only guess it was supposed to ease one sitting down or something - and I'd enjoy stealing it while we watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune - she was aces at that, especially Wheel. Even today when I watch that I get little flashes of that little apartment on the hill.

And we'd always take a trip down the hill - usually by car, since Meme loved her fried chicken and exercise was something reluctantly engaged in. We'd go down to the Hostess outlet, and she'd pick up some Wonderbread, and I'd get a small pack of something which was usually Twinkies.

It was - and last I knew, still is in that inevitable way of run down cheap corner stores that never evolve, never grow, and it's simply the bored faces cashing you through the lane that changes - a remarkably trashy place. I want to say it was incredibly ghetto, but I'm trying to be more PC than that.

Every other Hostess store I've gone by has the same industrial, ridiculous look to it. And I almost turned in to one here because I wanted to buy a Twinkie for Meme, who passed back in my freshman year of college - jeebus, that's back in 2000, maybe early 2001. It was the diet that got her - that fried chicken that she only got as a special treat, once a month, any time you asked her (no matter how often you asked her).

But let's be honest. That shit is BAD for you. So I'm going to write about it here, and pretend that Twinkies are delicious (....honestly, I dunno if I could even bring myself to eat one), and I'll raise a metaphorical one high to my grandmother.

But I think I'll be ok if twinkies are gone for good.
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Still surprised at how many contradictory ways this talks to me.
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So, since a comment showed up the other day, I've been thinking on it, and I figure I just ought to come clean.

I really, really don't like The Princess Bride. Yell at me all you want, here's why I think it's lousy. )
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Why I Will Not Be Voting Republican For The Foreseeable Future, a blog post by a fascinating gentleman who has some beautifully articulate points. This is too amazing for me to not share.

Calling it

Nov. 9th, 2012 08:03 pm
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I find it interesting (in the not fun way) how poorly I do with a(n extra) deadline hanging over my head. The NaNo thing was interesting, but not good for my mental health. So while I might try to keep pushing frequent posting, particularly this month, but no expectations.

While this year isn't a wedding to attend, and then a funeral, and then family and holidaze shenanigans, I'm still feeling overwhelmed, and this isn't helping. :( Sorry.
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Well, missed a day. Whoops? Building on day 5's entry, here's more on the Ilyari.
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