Feb. 10th, 2014

norcumi: (tired pru does not believe you)
So. It's that time of year again. Very little in WoW seems to convey the frustration, anger, and scarcity of happy results in festive events like the Valentine's Day mount. I find the irony delicious.

I also seem to be in a mood. Ysera holds 8 level 90s for me. I've 2 more on other servers, and there's an eager 89 DK working his way up the food chain (it's always death knights with me, though I've another hunter that just hit 86).

Day 1: 11 attempts for the mount. 1 fumigator's mask - not on a clothie, pity - and Kharisa capped her total valor, which hopefully means I'll be getting justice points in the near future, which is very good for the upgrading of account wide items. XD 1 respec of a death knight, since I AM NOT A TANK WHEN IT COMES TO GROUPS THANKYOUVERYMUCH and I don't know how to frost (why did I take that as an alternative spec?!).

We'll see how tomorrow goes. At a quote of .03% drop rate, I doubt that will matter, but let's see what happens!!

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