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So I've been on a new anti-depressant for about a week, and I tentatively think it's working. At the very least, I'm not having the gods awful side effects of the last little experiment.

In the last week we've been fighting the temperature in the bedroom (it usually ending up too warm), and last night I had one of those kind of dreams, kind of brain-why-are-you-giving-me-new-story-worlds?! things. Not sure if it was the heat, the meds, or something else, but this morning I ended up writing down notes because there was some fascinating stuff. Admittedly, the fact that my brain couldn't decide if it was a high fantasy kind of story or modern-but-in-a-castle was the most annoying part. I figure what the hey, I'll toss those notes up here to see if it sparks any interest (or if my brain is cribbing some somewhere), so feel free to ask questions or poke holes in what little overarching plot I seem to be nibbling at. Ah, these might be incoherent, mind.

Warning: SPOILERS, language, and trigger warning for offscreen torture

Father nobleman, swordsman and v skilled fighter, all natural. Clearly married into the title, as a merc prolly had the money.

Son, 5 years old when mother died. V contentious relationship, neither liked each other, she was overly harsh to her firstborn. He recently went to the capital for familial duties, came back odd. Note hair cut shorter and styled. Has 2 flunkies/bully boys with him, or gathers from local population. Was v sweet to lil sis Marielle, friendly but indifferent to her bethrothed, snarky-nasty to them after. Turns out was ritually flayed to release talent (tracker hunter type abilities, traditionally doesn't get on with witches). Also leaves with some interesting scars, it's a wig, and some insanity.

Marielle daughter, mother died in childbirth. Would have been trained as a witch from the cradle, obviously not possible. Been building a connection with the land since on her own, listening to it and learning along with Carter who has fey blood. Not quite typical witch? Seems off. Loves brother, not comfortable around him since return, thinks it's cause he clearly was hanging out with dicks but it's the abilities thing.

Carter – found by M's dad, dead father who was a local carter (thus name) as a babe, clearly gave life to save boy from mauling by something. Raised at the castle – no other family and lord feels ikkle guilty. slight signs of being fey, actually goes out regularly from young age to ancient ruins (NOT a stone circle, but something) where talks w/taught by his mother, who's alive and well. Unknown if she and his father were willing or not. Fey are not abrasive to trackers, but it's been obvious to Brother for years that the boy wasn't normal. Both Carter and mother have strong weakness for apples.

Brother's back home for first time in years, after doing some sort of duty in capital – king replaced, need oath from either the nobles or heirs – father made a pro forma appearance, but bandits so he hustles back home and has been taking care of one minor crisis after another – it's not bad, just life on the borderlands. Marielle has been taking on steward duties, learning magic, getting closer to Carter. Obviously not a political match, but they're border holders anyways, she's not the heir, and it's clear he'd be her dalliance anyways even if not, so fuck that, the kids are going to be married when at majority. Most folks like them, think they're sweet, and many of the not-serfs get mid-wifery type healy things from both, so why the hells would they complain?

Brother been nasty sniping at Marielle a lot, she's been conflicted, Carter's been trying to be peacekeeper but since they hang out/have been banging anyways, dude reeks of her to Brother, so he's short tempered in the first place. Early morning, Carter and Marielle had been planning to bake some apple bread and go talk to C's mom, but C got called away for totally-honestly-not-Brother's-fault thing – someone/some horse giving difficult birth is the usual thing, not a fan. So M is in her corner of the kitchens, with the old oven (this is prolly nonsensical), making up the bread later than expected – no, both got called out, he's more skilled than she at the fixing of things (collapse of something onto several someones) so he stays behind and she's going off to bake the bread. Kind of made a slightly rash promise to C's mom that there'd be bread, and the fey can be fickle about that. Later than expected, the kitchen servants are just doing their thing – not the first time those kids have been in here doing their thing, and since it's their corner and they clean up and she's the lord's daughter and house unofficial steward so yeah, just doing their thing.

Brother comes in with his bully boys (like always), antsy and slightly manic (keep eye out so as to not be foppish). Circles in on sister like a shark, ends up hauling out half done apple bread. It's clearly important to her, dumps one full out, is flicking bits out and then slowly tauntingly dumps out the second pan -

which she catches in an oven mitt and does the full face smoosh. Argh v hot bread to the face you little bitch, saying a lot of things the heir should not be saying to his sister, at least one bully boy pulls a dagger and lunges, she's not dumb and scarpers.

Pop's pov – just came in from the training salle (blunted weapons? Wooden practice sword or something?), and there's a ruckus in the kitchens – gods, before breakfast even? Strolls down, and what the FUCK Heir is snarling about bitch deportation naked to the border and let the pus ridden brigands have her while bully boys have head cook and minor functionary (who was prolly eating there at the time) at dagger point. Dad thunders a challenge, what's with you, Heir turns around, and it's the clear lighting – small scars on the face, v manic look (NOT THE JOKER MAKE SURE NOT A CRAZY SMILE) – this is not his son. Too much weight lost, the hair is bedraggled, is this a stranger?

Heir taunts him, enough of harboring this witch – Dad interrupts because damn it, that is your SISTER – Heir interrupts DO NOT CALL HER THAT! Clearly son got Dad's parade ground voice, Dad is a little bit more worried about if the kid got the fighting skills since well shit he hasn't seen the kid in the ring since he got back and my son is this my son what has happened to my children -

"Father, I know what she is!" The imposter tossed his head, snorting like a horse and glaring wild-eyed at him. "What do you THINK I've been learning in the capital, how to be a sycophant?"

For a moment, it was clearly his son, his boy with acrid humor and gentle wisdom, who loved the land and hunting and all that surrounded their holding – and then the madman reached up, shoving his hand along his head – oh gods, how had he missed it? [Father] felt a chill try to shiver though his body, like he hadn't felt for many a battlefield. That old familiar gesture of frustration, raking hand though hair and tugging at it as if that would pull the answers free – he had not seen it once since [Heir] had returned.

And sweet gods, his boy made the gesture and tugged and his hair slipped free, a wig – it had to be his own hair, shorn to the skull and saved and gods no not this – which he tossed aside, lifting his chin defiantly. His scalp was a network of fine scars – he'd heard once that it was the favorite place to start, that it was the most difficult to hide, and [Heir] had indeed been favoring longer sleeves than would be recommended – and his eyes seemed huge and wild, mad.

For a moment, the father fought the warrior with the desperate need to retch, to scream his rage and sorrow. The warrior won, leaving him stone faced and still, sword still at ready, practice blade or no.

His son had been flayed. [Father] wasn't sure which he wished more desperately, that it had somehow – why, why, WHY?! - been [Heir's] choice, because to think that HIS SON had been overpowered, skin ritually flayed by someone else's will to release latent skills and make them terrifyingly stronger than any normal talent – the Father almost won, and he knew that if that happened there would be an awful lot of bodies on the floor.

"I know what she is. I've ALWAYS known." And [Heir] looked past him, to the stairwell behind him.

Marielle has come down the stairs – not heard, but Heir can detect her no problem – dressed in sensible leathers, with a wand (local wood? Fey wood? Do the fey of this world have some link to a certain wood, and is that too much?) and obvious potion on her belt. Brain, why do you insist she has a flask of some sort hanging off her belt? That's seriously not sensible and it doesn't seem relevant to the story right now argh what is it??

Feels like a sprawling epic, smacking sense into Heir, romance between Carter and Marielle, angst about brother, some big bad conspiracy related to less witches in the world and the ones responsible for messing with Heir, one of his bully boys is actually some kind of not dumb bastard pulling some of Heir's strings, possibly someone working against the holding (did mother make some kind of enemy?) and there's Fey problems since C's Mom is offended she didn't get her apple bread.

Yes, really.


Date: 2013-12-31 10:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Apple bread is srs bzns, yo. XD

Me likey! Innnnteresting. :3

Date: 2014-01-01 11:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Apple bread is the most srs bzns. ::nods sagely::

I just wish I knew where the overall threads go - I can do short pieces, or a series of short pieces with spackle inbetween, but something this big makes me just flail and go "THINGS! Things happen and it's difficult for the heroes and then profit or something!"

Glad you like!! :D

Date: 2014-01-01 11:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, argh, the good old 'disconnected cool scenes that are connected somehow ONLY NOT' problem. I hate that one. You get A and C and N and Z, and you can maybe fudge B by saying 'time passes', and then there's the flailing. *fistbump of sympathy*

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